Yeah, I am about to dive into the cleansing water of truth.

Why am I picking now to reveal all?  That is a great question with a fantastic, multifaceted answer.  It is a new year, and I don’t like keeping secrets.  Right now, a lot of people are checking their reflection in the mirror and finding the reflection lacking, a failure, and some extreme cases find themselves hating the person reflected.  Many are grappling with what to do.  How to tackle the problem of getting healthy, looking better, and hopefully finding a lifestyle that will set them free from self loathing.  Then, there is myself.  The secrets I have kept, and, then, that I have anguished over sharing my opinion about “DIETS,” which has to do with my secrets.   I am sure to offend almost everyone before I finish.   Still, I think it is time for me to speak out.

***Please understand before we go further*** I am not ANTI anyone, thing, or idea other than Shaming and Guilting people.  I am NOT setting out to offend–Sadly, I just understand it will probably happen.  

I really like people and generally do not enjoy separating myself from support, so why put myself in that position?  I have, from the beginning of my starting this blog, wanted to create a place where all people wanting to get fit could feel safe following the path that worked for them–not my diet du-jour.  I was pretty open and honest about my diet and plans up until fall of last year.  I had started making all these friends who preach, “No diet, no pills, no anything but real food and exercise,”  which tended to make me feel ashamed of my work with OptiFast as well as some of my other not-so-well known weight loss attempts.  They called my efforts a quick fix–honestly these same folks call anything but the plan that works for them a quick fix most of the time–not all of them.

  • Why do I hang out with them if they made me feel ashamed of my efforts that caused me to lose 107 pounds?
  • Why did I let their narrow focus cause me to lose sight of what I did that got me where I was?

The fact of the matter is that these people are generally delightful and positive connections.  They normally give out amazingly good advice, and are very concerned about the information that they share with their fans.  These kind-generous souls are sharing what has worked for them.  In general, their information is sound and good.  I never isolate myself with only those that agree with my way of thinking, because that is a sure way to miss out on fantastic information that could change my life.  Honestly, I grew up with a grumpy fault finding father (that sounds like a negative, but it isn’t) who would poke every imaginable hole in my ideas.  I learned that if I could stand after he finished with his slaughter session and still wish to pursue my plan that it was going to be worth the effort.  So, simply, I like having my ideas challenged by others’ opinions.  That’s why.

Still, I do not like sharing MY dissenting thoughts with others.  I have found that often times other people do not share my love of examination.  Especially when it comes to  their own thoughts and ideas.  They get angry with me.  I know I should be used to it by now, but I am human and enjoy affection as much as the next person.  I know there will be those who will love me still for my honesty and for those of you who will stand by me anyway … God knows I love your hearts best!  There will be those who just can’t see my heart, but only my words and will not be able to see anything positive in my expression of my thoughts, and feelings.  I wish it were not so, but we just don’t get to have it all do we?

This will take at least a week, sorry, but there is just too much to share in a mere post or two.

Now, that the prologue is done, tomorrow will begin with my first big confession.  OUCH!


I am not NOW, nor will I ever endorse any particular diet or exercise plan.  I will share with you what I have done–nothing more.  I believe that each of you is an individual and that all diets and exercises plans should be made case specific/personal.  I never attempted any diet I have EVER tried without the supervision of a qualified physician (most were qualified).  I recommend that you do as I did and take your plans to YOUR doctor and have yourself medically monitored.  ***

18 thoughts on “Confessions

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  2. Oh, Shonnie! This makes my heart sad!

    I could’ve cried when I told my brother, Ethan, that I was thinking about doing Optifast. I was scared his reaction would be in line with a lot of his normal caustic and cynical reactions to things. Instead, he looked me square in the eye, got really excited, and said, “That’s great! What a great tool for you to use!” And he meant it sincerely. Then when naysayers would butt in and give me their two cents about the method I chose to use and how I’d gain everything back and more because their cousin’s sister-in-law’s mother’s friend’s great aunt did that, I’d remember what he told me.

    And I remember when I was coming off of Optifast and onto real food and he again provided the lasting encouragement… he was so excited to see me learning new ways of staying thinner (not “getting” thinner)–he had high expectations for me. To this day, when I visit he and my sister-in-law, we eat lemon pepper chicken and steamed broccoli at least one night because when I was only eating real-food dinners and it was really strict, they ate that four nights in a row so I wouldn’t feel excluded. (Is that love or what?)

    And the truth is that my body never would’ve lost 95 pounds any other way. I needed something drastic. And even though my metabolism is still slower than molasses in January and it’s a constant up hill battle to stay at this weight, I know I can work off the few pounds that creep on every now and again.

    And look at you and me now! Are we perfect? No. Would we like to tweak the package a bit more? Yup. Are we trudging along and fighting our fight as best we can? You bet your ass we are! And I, like you, don’t give opinions on ways people choose to lose their weight. For one, what works for me might not work for them and vice versa. As far as I’m concerned, just celebrate the successes and be joyful for them, right?

    You let me know if you get a case of the mullygrubs over this again! And remember, Mike loves and supports you. Let his praise of you do what my brother’s did for me. As for the rest of everyone, let their words slide right off your back like water off a duck’s (easier said than done, I know).


    P.S. Sorry! You already know I can be long-winded! 😉

    • Haha … I had to read this twice. I love your long-winded-self. 😀 I have missed chatting with you. I am so thankful that we both have had such good support. I have had a LOT of rag on folks over my choice. Honestly, OptiFast isn’t the worst of the diets that I have tried.

  3. I’m 133 pounds from my weight of almost 3 years ago and I still have people telling me I did it wrong. 😛

    I try not to let it bug me but some times I don’t try hard enough and I’ll snap at them. 😀

    I do Atkins but it know it isn’t for everyone. Plus it goes against 50 years of faulty science which people continue to believe. 😛

    I tell people to do what works for them and not what other people THINK they should do. I tell people what worked for me, but that doesn’t mean it will work for them.

    Heck, on top of the diet, there are too many other variables which will impact success. Each person is a dang snowflake. 😀

  4. You’ve certainly prefaced whatever you are going to say with as much kindness and understanding as you possibly could. Even if there are people who get upset, you have no control over that–they do. Just remember that and you’ll be fine. (I just wish I could remember that when I’m faced with confronting someone with a hard truth to tell.. :|) ).

    Looking forward to what you have to reveal.

  5. You might have guessed that I am not the world’s best dieter, even though Mr Mirror strongly suggests a change attitude, but it was never dieting which bought me to your Blog or keeps me visiting. It is your character and approach to life. The size of your heart and guts with which you attack your problems. None of that has altered in my opinion

    • Thanks my friend. I knew I could count on you. 😀 It is good to know that there are those who do see my heart and not just hear my words. 😀 You bless my soul. So glad to have met you.

  6. Just my two cents…
    If OptiFast worked for you and allowed you to make such a monumental change in your life, HAVE NO SHAME! I lost 51 lbs via Nutrisystem and am grateful for the kick in the pants to change my lifestyle. Without taking the first step to eating better through their easy to follow program, I never would have become someone who LOVES working out, eating better, developing stronger muscles or someone who is willing to push herself to try new “out of my comfort zone” things. In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter how you began your journey…just that you started that journey and are continuing on it!

    • Thanks … really appreciate those words, but that isn’t all that I must confess. 😀 Hope you will be around to cheer me on as I keep sharing. 😀

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