I don’t like new WordPress set up!!

Sorry, just came to work on my next post and … BAM … I have a new set up and I do not like it.  Where are my catagories?  UHHHHH!  I hate this.  I am not seeing this as an improvement.


8 thoughts on “I don’t like new WordPress set up!!

  1. So glad we can find the old dashboard. Love that black line at the top of the screen. It’s so much easier to navigate… the blue one doesn’t even have all the options… what is there is very limiting and I keep missing comments, likes, etc if I don’t use the old screen. I wish we could just choose which one we want permanently… ah well… it is what it is… for now lol

    • Yeah, I was mostly comfortable with the old set up. Oddly enough, I actually LIKE a lot of techno change, but I am not finding this one to be a positive change. I loved the change when they started notifying us that people had answered our comments–now–that isn’t even working well. The comment notifier was great. Made life so much better. Loved the new photo drop and improvements on that, but I do not like having the dashboard missing. I do not like the new reader and I HATE the new post format. I hope the fix the new fix. 😀

      • Try this and see if you can get back like I did. I was on the new blue page and clicked on my blogs. There is a tab for 550 posts … if you click on that it will take you back to the old dashboard. where you can move around as before. Love that! Just gotta say. 😀

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