Out of Service

Sorry for the unannounced break. I was part of the surprise in a surprise birthday party for a friend of mine who just turned 50.

So I could not talk about being absent. I just had to be absent. Yes. I could have continued my confessions, but I barf when I post while riding down the interstate at 70-ish miles per hour. It was an eight hour drive, then we were decorating and food/drink prepping right up to the last moment. It was a land cruise bday party. Super fun and it lasted all day and the better part of the night.

For all you wondering, did I enjoy the party, YES I did!!! No, I didn’t diet. Yes, I drank and ate all my heart desired. No, I didn’t exercise during party. We were supposed to dance, but everyone was too lit. I even went out for breakfast and ate French toast. YUM!! It was a wonderful get-away with some of the best people on the planet. So much fun

I have been back home at the beach since Monday eve, but I was tired. Besides I have had Mikey all to myself. Forgive me if I was lost in this wonderful moment of my life. Mikey to myself and the best buds combined with a sublime party and well…I’m tuckered plum out.



Thought I would leave you the dreary photos of my relaxation spot. Oh and I only gained a pound and a half with all that fun. Pretty excited about that. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Out of Service

  1. I’m really glad you had a great time, and with Mike, and could let your hair down and just enjoy being with friends. Brilliant. I hope you have many more days like this. They are part of what makes a life special

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