Look What I got!! Yea!

Can you guess what it is??  :D

Can you guess what it is?? 😀 I know it isn’t written on the tool, but hey … I’m excited … cut me slack.

I made a comment on a fellow bloggers post asking a question about if a particular tool would be good for my arthitic hands when it come to changing tires …. then I get a super sweet e-mail asking if I would like to try this one.  UHHHHH…… YEAH!!

Now, I am almost excited for my next flat to try it out.  (She says grinning like an goofball holding the tool up by her head as if to showcase said tool.)

Nahhhh…. I am not excited about D-the-All Seasons Cyclist-man sending me this amazing tool.  Not at all.  I have only shared this on my facebook page and showed it off to buds …. I jazzed of a cute photo of it too.  Don’t cha think it is super cute???  I do!  I LOVE RED!  hehehehe.  I realize it is not a fashion accessory, but it never hurts when something is sexy to go with useful.

Just sayin’.

Ok … well … I am gonna TRY to go back and write the post I was working on for today, before I was so excitedly interruped.  Thanks again All Seasons Cyclist for thinking of me.  I feel super special and blessed!

If you guys are avid cyclists or even beginners … he shares a wealth of information about products for cyclists in his blog.  Well worth the look-see.  I have spent a fair amount of time checking out stuff I want.  I like that he uses all these products, because I don’t like to waste money and he gives great info for making up your mind on these somewhat pricey purchases.  Do yourself a favor and check him out.



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