Setback Schmetback!

Setback Land

Setback Land

Yes … I have been going through a rough patch.  As many of you know, most of 2012 was difficult on many fronts.

Setbacks with weight gain.

Literally, every method I tried to lose the weight I gained from increasing my hormones was to no avail. I was stuck.  Flatlined.  I stopped the gaining, but nothing was moving.  I was frustrated on every side.  I had two options left–extreme options–to get my weight back under control.  Had to get my body out of the health danger zone.  These choices are the reasons for my confessional posts–that were interrupted by further setbacks.

Setbacks in regards to injury.

My back, neck, and shoulders took turns flaring up.  This meant that I wasn’t able to workout the way I normally do–so weight loss was further complicated by meds and limited workouts.  The neck and back are the same as before, so no changes are necessary; they just cause pain (I can work through that–not perfectly), but the shoulders are a different story.  The shoulders stopped all fun in Kayaking and made my cycling a serious pain.  Depressing.  And they are still giving me hell.

Emotional Setbacks.

Death–two beloved family members.  Serriously ill family members–close to death but made it through.  Emotionally, I just did not have my normal umph to get things done.  Pushing was a chore.

Mixed Setbacks–still emotional–mostly positive.

My second grandchild was born–my son, his wife, and baby all moved back home.  With me.  In my house.  I am so happy about this, but it is time to get them on their own.

We started working in Florida.  Super fun.  Super SCARY.  Running two households gets tricky and eats up a lot of money, making the rest of life a challenge.  SO worth the gamble, but it is emotionally taxing.  I tend to live on pins and needles–in spite of what the pictures portray.

This is what makes it worth the press.

This is what makes it worth the press.

I do love my life, but this one section right here saps the creative energies from me. I find it hard to even read a book–a passion of mine.  I just want boob tube entertainment, because escaping into a book requires mental energy I do not have.

2013 has had a bit of a shakey start itself.

Last week, I was so worn out after my fun weekend with my childhood buddies.  It was an amazing weekend.  I will share a few photos with you later.  Then … both shoulders started flaring up.  The pain was so bad it hurt to wipe my rear–or do much of ANYTHING!  Well … I just decided to carry my wonderful cheat weekend into the week.  I had myself a right proper pity party.  I didn’t gain over the party weekend, but I made up for it over the next week.  I was in pain.  I ate.  I drank.  And I felt sorry for myself.  I don’t want surgery.  I don’t want down time.  I am sick of problems.  So I added to mine.  Gotta love it when you shoot yourself in the foot like that.  Its kinda like you just wanna put that cherry on top of it all.  😀

To top the week off, as if all of that were not great enough, the lovely snow storm that blew through Birmingham caused a NON-SNOW-DRIVING-SOUTHERNER to plow into our work truck.  The good one.  The one that was paid for.  The same day the crappy truck (that we are not through paying for) got finished at the shop.  So we are still down one truck.  Oh, and one bathroom flooded the downstairs and ruined the cabinet in the kitchen.  Oh and the heater broke.  I know … it is just life … and I have a good one, but somedays you just wish life would slow down a bit with all the chaos.  Just give ya a sec to breathe …

Alas … a girl can’t live in agony.  She must find a way to rise out of the ashes and move forward.

Then … the other day a little red ray of sunshine dropped in my lap.  Yeah you read about it then, but here is the link for it Click Here, in case you wanna read or look at my happy again.  I know that was a small something, but it really is the small things that make us smile.  You know like your grand babies screaming and crying like they were dying when their parents come and take them away from you.  Just such sweet wonders that make the crappy stuff fade away–at least for a few minutes.

So when I get to feelin’ down I think about the GOOD things in my life.  I have a LOT of good things in my life.

My Grands:

Gotta LOVE these faces.

Gotta LOVE these faces.  They light up my world.  It’s like having their parents as babies all over again. WOW … I was young once.  hehehe!  I LOVE IT!!!  

My Kiddo’s who know how to love, laugh, and play hard!

My joy ... sometimes my frustration ... but they make life worth living.

My joy … sometimes my frustration … but they make life worth living. No, it isn’t all of them, but they were all out there. 😀

My hubby

Who normally makes my life fly ... right now I am angry with him for drinking my second cup of coffee ... I might forgive him later.

Who normally makes my life fly … right now I am angry with him for drinking my second cup of coffee … I might forgive him later.

Good friends I have known a lifetime.  People you just don’t want to live without.

This party was one of the best EVER--Just in case you wondered.

This party was one of the best EVER–Just in case you wondered. These are the moments that make Life GRAND!

We took a land cruise — it was amazing!  We got our feet pampered while drinking, we walked a bit to a great bar and ate snacks and Drank some more, then the limo arrived and well … the cruise was ON!  It was my job to make sure the birthday girl had all the jello shooters she needed.  I had fun doing that!  😀  Honestly I had fun with every part.  The sneaking, the decorating, the shopping.  It was amazing.

Yes, we are just that goofy.  We don't take ourselves too seriously--which makes the liquor last a bunch longer without hangovers--because you don't need much.  :D

Yes, we are just that goofy. We don’t take ourselves too seriously–which makes the liquor last a bunch longer without hangovers–because you don’t need much. 😀

Good people in your life make life grand.  So … that is how I can say setback schmetback!  I am gonna win — how can I lose?  I think the deck is stacked in my favor.  😀  Just sayin’

Yesterday, I asked a question on facebook that I will share later …

19 thoughts on “Setback Schmetback!

  1. So glad to hear that you are back on track! What in the world is going on? The same kind of stuff has been happening to and around me. Has finally left me concluding: If you have your health and your closest family are well then you are a very wealthy person indeed ! The mental stress people and belongings put on us is not what we expected is it 🙂 Plus that is in addition to the expectations we put on ourselves. After all that has happened the last 3 years I am prying and hoping that 2013 is kinder to all of us!!!!!!

    • Lorna … I don’t like roller coasters at ALL!! I go nuts when I am on one. Just ask my aunt. 😀 That is probably why I don’t do well with these kinds of shifts.

  2. Wow, ypu’ve certainly been havig some difficulties recently. That business with the trucks, sucks, and thats before we get anywhere near the weight or shoulder problems. I’m glad the the small stuff like the tyre lever, or the company of your family, keep you looking forward. Youare such a great person, but it still sucks that you have more than enough to put up with.

    • Ducky … it has been a pain! Literally and figuratively. Thank you for thinking I am great. It helps to keep pushing when others support you so well. Life happens and some of it I have done to myself, but for a good cause — it just gets trying when it drags on. 😀

  3. You’ve been very open and honest here, I really admire that. It hurts, all this self abusing. Just hurts.

    I used to be bulimic – from teens through to mid 20s. Absolute torment.

    I wish you success. You seem to have your head set straight. You will win. Enjoy yourself.

  4. I’m sorry for some of the things that are happening to you. I’m glad though that you ended the post with all the joy and love you have in your life. You made my day with all the pictures, especially the ones that show warmth.I’m freezing here in Pennsylvania.Those are really beautiful grandkids.

    • Glad to make you feel warm. 😀 The days are often cold, but we get more sunshine than you guys get up there in PA. Glad you enjoyed the photos. They make me smile too. 😀

  5. This reminded me of the past 2 years I had . I have severe planter fascia , going to different dr’s trying everything under the sun ! Depression ,eating everything under the sun ,crying an hating my life was hard to be thankful when it hurt just to walk to the bathroom ! Thankful an finally I am healing thanks to a great dr who wouldn’t give up even when I had ! Chronic pain changes who u are ! I’m so thankful for my life back still have some pain but its do able ! I’m glad I found ur blog ur post help me even in ur bad days ur an inspiration so I thank u !

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