Yes, I feel like I am in a white out.

Yes, I feel like I am in a white out.

I know.  I know.  I know I am not supposed to miss so many days posting.

The Excuse or the Reason, depending on your point of view is this:

My life — living between two places — is in need of ordering.  I have been working on ordering my life.  All this “STUFF” that needs doing is cluttering my brain, making creative writing a super big challenge.

  • Working on getting my youngest son graduated and launched off for the next step of his life.  This requires a lot of time and brain power.
  • We have been working on getting two houses set up and in order.
  • Working on repairs for OUR home (the one we own in Birmingham). There are a lot of them — just normal life, but we have been lost in transition and the pile sorta stacked up while our brains were in a fog.
  • Getting our crews in order so they can run on auto pilot when we are away.
  • Acquiring a new pressure washer unit.
  • Acquiring a new truck with less than fabo funds (It was old with a lot of miles, but it was a gem and gave us little to no trouble–ever) from the company that destroyed our perfectly great truck during the recent snow day.  This is going to be a challenge.
  • Me being on another seriously hard push to lose weight — which requires my body to re-adjust to the changes and leaves me feeling like POO!

So there you have my list of excuses.  Heck, I have barely enjoyed the company of friends or the exercise I love so dearly.  I think all this clutter is just sapping me of drive.  I have a plan though.  I think, just the act of making a plan of attack is helping me–See I wrote today!  (Smiling) I am encouraged that just making the plan and beginning steps towards my projects will help on every level of my psyche.

We shall see.  On the weight loss front: I am down, and I don’t know how much.  I like how I look in clothes better … so this is a good thing.  Not quite comfortable in my skinny clothes yet, but not sure that I am going to try to be either.  We shall see, I will share more on my experiment later.

So you decide … is this an excuse or a reason.  😀



P.S.  We are having another grandson!  I got to see the ultrasound yesterday.  It was a family affair.  Sheilia (daughter-in-law), Will (the daddy), Erica (youngest daughter), Prince Will, and Princess Sophia all saw the new baby wiggling around in my daughter-in-law’s tummy–it was amazing!  😀

10 thoughts on “Excuses

  1. One of my favorite sayings is “Life is always getting in the way of my plans.” So I stop planning. I set an intention or a goal and if I make it, I make it. If I don’t, I set another goal. No big deal.

    People like you and me are great at forgiving others anything, but we are so tough on ourselves. We need to be more forgiving when it comes to us. 😉

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