I got a Boo Boo Ouchie

My hamstrings are KILLING ME!!  As Sophia would say I got a Boo Boo OUCHIE!  I am seriously gimped up today.  Guess I am gonna have to go squat this out tonight at the gym.  UHHHHGGGG.  Thank God I stretched out well or who KNOWS how I would feel right now.  YIKES, guess things can always be worse.

I still do not know what I weight.  I know my body is, overall, smaller in size.  I am wearing my skinny jeans tightly and my black pants SUPER tight.  A year ago these same pants were loose.  So … I can only guess what I weigh.  Probably not what I would like, but I do like how my body looks.  Still trying to see how much more I want to lose.  On the weight front: Yesterday my weight was up 2 1/2 pounds, today it is down 3.  I guess what ever I am doing is working.  Hahaha … My waist is smaller and my legs are bigger.  That could probably have something to do with the PAIN in my LEGS!  OUCH.  Potty time is a bit of a challenge.

I have already gotten up and squatted on the Bosu Ball.  OUCH.  I am gonna get back on it in a bit.  First I have to waddle to the store and collect food stuff.  I plan to take a short walk if the sun comes out today–I think it would make me feel better.  OUCH.  Ouch.  Ouch.  I know I am a broken record, but I’m in pain.

On the medications front: I have not had Diabetes medications in about a month.  My blood pressure has dropped so low again that I have had to cut back on my meds again.  All these things are great news.  These numbers are the reason I press in to lose more weight, I need to be healthy.

There you have it … today’s boo boo ouchie start.  😀




6 thoughts on “I got a Boo Boo Ouchie

  1. A short walk is a good idea, for sure. I find that when I let my legs get too tight, I need to walk for a bit to loosen them up before I can really stretch them properly. I hope it goes well for you!

    • Thanks Ducks. I am just pained from good use. I just have to work it out today. I took yesterday as a rest day. I mean I seriously rested. I barely got out of bed after we finished laying the mulch.

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