Just so you don’t Panic

Grumps … I was thinking of you when I wrote that title.

Anyway … just so you don’t panic and think I have run off to join the circus or that I have given up on blogging, healthy eating, and exercise, I thought that I should let you know that I will be out a few more days.  It is sunny here at the beach.  I went for a bike ride yesterday so that I could break my press for weight loss and EAT out with the hubs for V day.

We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary starting Yesterday through this weekend.  Our actual anniversary is Feb 25th, but we are here and we want to ride and play and have a good time NOW.  Mike is working in the mornings and we are playing all afternoon … so life is GRAND.  So that is what we are doing.  That’s why I will be quiet … cuz it is time to hang with my honey and enjoy life.

Hope you will forgive my choice to savor the joys of my time with my hubby in the sunshine doing the things we love.  😀



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