Days of Decadence

Sun, Wind, Sand, and Water ... very yummy.

Sun, Wind, Sand, and Water … very yummy.

Mike did have to work a smidge, but still, we spent the majority of our days celebrating our love and life together–we spent time cycling, walking, searching for treasures, eating, drinking, laughing, talking … and well … we love each other.

Mikey came home with a lovely bouquet.  Don't cha think?

Mikey came home with a lovely bouquet. Don’t cha think?

I hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  We did.  We rode our bikes, visiting fun places that day and finished up eating some seriously YUMMY Fried Food and WINE.  Yeah … I ate everything I wanted.  I had chips, cheese, fried shrimp, potatoes, enchiladas, steak, veggies, popcorn, and CHEESE CAKE … oh and lots of yummy WINE!  It was so FUN!  I had a BLAST!  I have NO REGRETS!  None!  I cannot tell you how much fun it was to just EAT … not worry too much about what or how much … JUST to eat.  I found that I really don’t like chips as much anymore or popcorn; both of these things came as a surprise to me.  I was very excited to find my appetite changed.  I delightedly discovered that I am beginning to crave what is best for my body.  I don’t know what happened, but I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth … I am just gonna run with it.

I did so love eating out.  It was fun wonderful to eat without thought of anything but how yummy I felt something would be.  :D

I did so love eating out. It was fun and wonderful to eat without thought of anything but how yummy I felt something would be.  I was surprised at what I found yummy.  😀

We did eat a lot of yummy food, but that wasn’t the complete focus of our energy; we spent much of our time together active and seeking out treasures left in nature.  The log below was found on the beach from the opening photo … I was slightly chicken to drag it out … but my Mikey had no problems draggin’ my debris home for me.  He is my hero.  He wins my heart daily.  I am amazed, even though he often shares my interests or eagerly encourages my every creative effort, that he found it fun and fulfilling to walk around on the beaches looking for bits of wood for a project that I am working on.  He was willing to go back for my treasures–we found the log and a broken fence while riding our bikes, so we couldn’t bring them home without a car–that meant coming back (this is HUGE for me cuz I HATE GOING BACK for anything).  Why he finds my musings fun I may never understand fully, but I am ever so grateful for the joy in sharing my passions with him–enriching my pleasure in creation and expression.

One of my treasures ....

One of my treasures ….

I think we just like being together.  It seems like a good thing to like one another if you are going to be married; just sayin’.  Now, don’t think that we never argue or disagree, because we do.  Our relationship is real and flawed.  In fact we had a pretty terrible fight our first day down at the beach.  It was a BAD fight.  The kind of fight that leaves the guy sleeping on the sofa, yes, Mikey does do wrong–I never do–Bwahahahah.  I wish that neither of us was ever a butt-wipe, but sadly we are.   Fights are a part of life for us, maybe you never fight with your special someone, but Mikey and I do.  One thing you learn early on if you are to have a strong marriage–Fighting with purpose–but NOT to WIN.  No one ever really wins, you just have to choose to forgive and work to patch the boo boos.  I knew I would forgive him for hurting my feelings before I could actually forgive him.  Why?  Because he is my choice, and that is just how we deal–each of us need forgiveness, and each of us seriously messes up sometimes.  Mikey got back on my good side by by showing how much he loves me, when I wasn’t being particularly nice.  After that emotional blip, we enjoyed a smooth, wonderful, and endearing weekend of togetherness.

Kinda love that we are still each others favorite person after 25 years of marriage.  Makes me feel special and blessed.

Kinda … love … that we are still each others favorite person after 25 years of marriage.  It makes me feel special and blessed that we choose each other over and over again.

Well, today is a new day, and time to get back on the food control wagon.  I am doing a “Fat Fast” to get the cravings back under control 65/75% fat, 20/25% protein, and almost no carbs 5% or less.  Oh and this is an Atkins Diet deal, trick, or body manipulation that works well for me, because I am metabolically resistant–severely insulin resistant–so don’t go copying what I do.  I went to the doc the first time I did this, so that I could have my health monitored while doing this. My body LOVES this way of eating–every number I have drops into perfect/near perfect ranges.  I should drop the 4 pounds that I gained over the weekend in a day or two and be back on track to finishing up this last weight loss push with a more varied, but restrictive diet.

I have to say that I seriously enjoyed the deviation from my serious diet focus.  It has helped me be able to push forward one more time.  I know everyone doesn’t like the term diet, and feel that one should use a lifestyle approach.   I like that idea, only it doesn’t work for me.  I have to hyper focus if I want to see the scale move down, and honestly I prefer to see it drop faster rather than slower.

….Well, this is what I am doing … I’m sorry if this causes you to feel I am easy-way-out-seeker.  This is just what works for me.  I promise, I have a plan of action for transitioning into “normal-lifestyle” eating for health and wellness, besides, it seems to be working in my favor where food choice changes are becoming permanent and foods that were once huge temptations are barely even on my desire radar.

OK … so I think I am gonna stop for now.  See y’all later.




9 thoughts on “Days of Decadence

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  2. Ok, you have your rows, like anyone else, but lets face it, your relationship sounds pretty perfect to the rest of us and couldn’t happen to two nicer people so Whoop Whoop Whoop to your beach day, wine drinking and enjoyment. You’ve earned all these pleasures.

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