Day 2 of FAT FAST

Good morning

Good morning

I am only doing this for a few days … 4 tops … but it is working its magic on my body already.

When I awoke this am I had lost 3 pounds.  Not 3 pounds of fat, but more likely 3 pounds of fluid–there could be some fat loss as well–Mike said my breath was horrible like I was burning fat.  I do not know why but my body holds fluid like crazy anytime I eat carbs.  It is a mystery to me, but simple or complex carbs, there  does not  seem to be a significant difference in the effect to my body.  My body holds fluid when I eat more than about 30-50 grams of carbs a day.  Yes, I am that insulin resistant.  So all the build up of fluid that collected on my body over the weekend is now leaving my body. Wonderfully, my legs feel looser (a good thing–because the fluid hurts when you hold too much in your body).  My body tends to hold fluid so less fluid is such a happy-fun-liberating sensation to experience; my whole being moves more effortlessly.  I guess you can tell I love this state of being, yes?

I am going to try and make it out doors today for a walk about, and later Mike and I are going to the gym to lift kinda-sorta-heavy.  Yesterday, I was just so drug out from several days of sleep interruption.  I think I finally caught up — I think.   🙂

No, I still do not know how much I weigh.  I know I am getting closer to the range when I was my smallest, but probably still a slight bit heavier.  Starting to like how all my clothes fit better.  We shall see where I stop with all this.  🙂

You all be good now, ya hear?  See ya soon ….Shonnie



13 thoughts on “Day 2 of FAT FAST

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  2. Never thought about carbs making you gain fuild, hmm. I will have to remember that when I get back on my weight-loss journey in a couple of months!
    BTW- You are doing so great Shonnie! Just remember One Step At A Time

      • You should get that checked out girly. You are probably good though because they monitor that kind of stuff when you are expecting.

        You can try cutting out simple carbs: Breads–all kinds, pasta–all kinds, potatoes–all kinds, All fruit juices and sugary drinks, Most fruit except Berries and Apples. That won’t harm ya. You can still eat NON-root veggies till your hearts content. 😀

      • Yeah I passed my glucose test with flying colors, but I crave carbs. Just today I had a sandwich: white bread, ham and cheese, with mayo, 2 diner rolls, I have always craved carbs though, and when I don’t have them I sleep all the time. Weird, eh?

      • a lot of times we crave what we are alergic to. I run tired — today I am feelin’ crummy, but I don’t think it is the carb -less diet. I usually do better once I get used to it. The first time I did this I was funky for two weeks then I could run like crazy. 🙂 I think I am fighting off a big bunch of CRUD. I hope I just get to feel run down and skip the whole rest of the mess.

      • Yeah you could be! I will have to try this though, who knows it could be the problem with not loosing weight as quickly as I would like.
        Having any kind crud is never a good thing 😉

      • Thankfully, it appears I was just draggin pretty bad. Today has been much better. 😀 I even got a walk in. Something that never happened yesterday.

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