My New Direction

The super windy walk yesterday.  I actually had to lean into the wind to keep from being blown over.

The super windy walk yesterday. I actually had to lean into the wind to keep from being blown over.  I was stressed yesterday and well this helped me get that yucky stuff out of my body.  My drug of choice … activity.  🙂

Headspin, tailspin, upside down, and topsy turvy — my emotions were blown as hard as the wind was here yesterday.  I am so excited about today.  It should be calm and chilly, but wonderful for a cycle about the hood.  Who knows … maybe I will just take off and ride 18 miles for a fish taco.  Who knows …

Have you ever felt that you were in a whirl of confusion lost without focus?

Yesterday was like that.  I opened up myself and shared the truth, and found that many people are not comfortable with that.   Being perfectly honest, yet again, I knew that was the case, and people would flee.  That is why I wobbled so long and never shared my controversial stories … I just didn’t want to feel the pain of rejection.  Feel it I did too.  It wasn’t as bad as I feared, nor was it as good as I hoped.  You always hope against hope that people will respect your choices and applaud you for doing what is best for you–they don’t always do that–but there were a lot of supportive folks.  The good outweighed the bad.

I have to say there were no ugly people.  None.  Everyone that left, left quietly or with grace, for that I feel super blessed.  Those who stayed shared wonderful hope and real acceptance … that was beautiful.  I even had several people share what a difference I had made in their lives by being open and honest.  That lifted me out of my disappointments.

Then, I received this e-mail:

Hey there! I’ve been following your health journey via Facebook for a while now, and I wanted to share what it has done for me. We’re a really busy family and for a long time our meals were based on convenience and our exercise was limited to walking to get the mail. My husband was technically obese although we wouldn’t admit it-we blamed it on his bone structure and that he was just naturally a ‘bigger’ guy. I had weight to lose from our baby… who is now 4. You prompted me to take a realistic look at our health and our choices, and because of that we were more open to hearing the message when some friends introduced us to Their Plan. We’ve changed our eating habits and exercise choices a long with taking vitamin supplements and utilizing healthier options that are still convenient. We’ve lost 75lbs as a couple since July!! Anyhow, I just wanted to say thank you for your positive attitude and honesty in regards to your goals and journey, because it inspired me to take the steps towards bringing a healthier focus to our home. Keep it up lady!!

This message made my day.  This is why I share.  This is why I am honest.  I want people who feel that if I can do it anyone can.  I want all those women and men out there who feel like they have tried everything and failed … to try ONE MORE TIME … and try again.  I want those who have NO HOPE, to hope again.  I am not selling a diet plan.  I have never really done that.  I did document my OptiFast program … I felt super safe with those folks … I wanted to keep myself accountable to myself.  I still got a lot of flack because I was on a liquid diet.  Heck … I didn’t expect to have this many followers.  The thing is, I can’t be fake.  I love real food, and that is going to be more and more my focus, but I have had to use extreme measures to lose.  I want everyone, no matter the path they choose to feel safe with me.  Respected by me.  I want them to know that I respect the hard work, and the steps they have taken to be healthy.

Yesterdays lunch.  Beef Stew that I threw together so Mikey's tummy would feel better.  All Fresh Real Food.

Yesterdays lunch. Beef Stew that I threw together so Mikey’s tummy would feel better. All Fresh Real Food.  I used rutabagas and jicama in place of potatoes.  I needed a lower starch veggie.  😀

Also, I need everyone to understand, I am not a diet pusher.  I HATE Pills and medications–as a rule.  The choices I have made were part of a process leading up to a PERMANENT Lifestyle Change.  I discovered that I do best low carb.  I hate that, but it is where my body likes to live … live without medications and the like.  So … I have step by step changed my pattern of eating.  The last steps were useful towards this goal and I was medically supervised.  It was very hard to accept that I will have to change my eating habits for good.  I love all types of foods … and I will enjoy them all … but the majority of my life will be spent eating Paleo/Primal/Low Carb.  This type of eating is what works wonders for MY BODY.  You will see me gathering these types of recipes, and blogs that make great food in this style.  Why?  Because it makes me feel good … no … actually it makes me feel GREAT.  I lose the belly flab that is so dangerous for my health.  My muscles build up strong and give me energy to live out my passions … cycling, kayaking, walk/jogging, paddle boarding, being fit enough to play with my grandchildren, and be fit enough to love my husband for many more years to come.  These are my goals … a happy healthy life.

My Dinner last evening.  Grassfed beef and Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts.  YUM ... good and healthy.

My Dinner last evening. Super lean Grassfed beef and Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts. YUM … good and healthy.

Will I push for you to eat this way?  NO!  Will I be perfect on this new path?  NO.  I will take a few planned excursions off the Low Carb Path (and I will enjoy and savor them), but in general this is where I will live.  Why?  I love the way I feel eating this way, so it will be my focus … that and PLAYING … or what you might call exercise.

I love life.

I love my family.

I love eating, but I love being alive and healthy more … so the choices are simple for me.  Change my life and live.  That is what I have done and am in the process of doing.  I have accepted that this is a journey and I will NEVER ARIVE.  The goal is a quality life; lived fully.  So …. I will lift heavy.  I will ride hard.  I will dance with all my might.  I will sing of the joys of love, life, and God.

I am a blessed woman.

Now … on with the next phase of my life … LIVING.


4 thoughts on “My New Direction

  1. You love life and you love family. That shouts out of every word you write and it is why I follow you as I do. In your failures and successes you are an inspiration, and what’s not to love about that

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