Just so you know ….

Where have I been?

Lost in WORK!!

Well, the pressure washer caught on fire (we had to get it repaired because Mike needs it–it is sorta done).  We had to find a new truck to replace the one that some brilliant driver destroyed on the snow day (Yea — we get to check this one off the list).  We were working out if I should trade my car or not (we decided it isn’t the best move right at the moment).  Also, how to go about financing the new pressure washer (this one is still in the air–draining my energy–I hate making these decisions).  Then, because I will be at the beach for three weeks I have had to work on a BUNCH of stuff, and play with my grand babies — cuz they are just super amazing fun and I hate being away from them — so I had to load up on play time).  Oh, and I almost forgot me, and the DIL had to go for a mama-baby check-up with the two grands in tow — just in case you wondered — that KICKED MY BUTT. (Oh and Mother and Child [grand #3] are both GREAT!)

I’ve just about dropped all my weekend gain, so that is going super great.  I managed a session with my beloved Trainer Nazi–that felt so GOOD and it was great to see everyone!  Those ladies just make my day.

I hope to get back later today with a la-git post.  I am on the prowl for some yummy paleo/low carb treats for my weekend.  I wanna treats without the big bang CHEAT gain effect so I don’t have to work so hard to get the weight off.  My thinking is that paleo/low carb treats won’t help me lose but they will help me hold steady and that is a super SCORE in my book–then there is the added bonus they won’t make me feel like crap.  I am gonna have a decadent weekend, but my hope is I won’t have to pay for it all week long.  😀  Sounds like a big WIN for me!  We will see if it works out that way or not.



4 thoughts on “Just so you know ….

  1. Have you got your taxes done yet, that is always a fun one! Great you have the grand babies which are more work but the best R & R ….

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