Rosemary-Lemon Spaghetti Squash

Had to share this …. cuz I am having spagettis squash this weekend. 😀

Popular Paleo

Rosemary Lemon Spaghetti Squash | Popular PaleoI should really have named my blog “The One Who is Obsessed with Goat Cheese, Bacon and Spaghetti Squash” because that’s really more to the point. I sure hope you’re not getting tired of all this spaghetti squash business, ’cause, yes, there’s even more where this came from! For now, I’m going to write up what we had the other night.

Do you ever buy those rotisserie chickens from Costco? They’re preservative free, sugar free and only $5! I love them. There are many nights where I just need to throw together a basic dinner of roasted chicken with steamed veggies and these rotisserie chickens make that very easy to do. I am in third-grade science fair project hell at the moment, so I’ve fallen behind on many things, including this blog.  Thankfully, out of the haze of science comes this yummy (and easy!) “pasta” dinner… and I finally have…

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