Me … Two days in solo


Yeah … I’m super sexy right here!

I’ve been alone with two high functioning autistic 18 year olds. They are not bad, but my brain is fried. I’ve been eating well, BUT I kinda got toasted with my neighbor and blew my good eating out the window.


My good eating followed crappy eating PLUS drinking with my adult kiddos this weekend. Then there was the grilled cheese and donuts with Sophie girl. I gained 4 pounds. Was trying to correct that when I lost myself in wine with my neighbor.


Mikey being Sophie’s hero and collecting water for building castles.  Sometimes I hate how his body treats him (can never hate Mikey) … he eats twice as much as I do … drinks twice as much as I do, even sugar sodas … yet his body does just what it should do–unlike mine.  😦




Popi and Sophie saying words that mean disgusting … she was lovin that!


Sophie passed out … and I mean passed-out-couldn’t-wake-her-up at 7pm. This never happens.


I looked a touch better before, still a touch worn out but better, I was left alone with my two young men.

So. I will try to chat with you more frequently … Can’t promise though. My brain is only partially functional. The rest if it is full of spray foam.  Biking helps some to clear the brain, but not enough.  😀

My brain is so fried I posted this as a new page … wondered why there were no tags and it didn’t show up in my feed.  Gotta love it … right?  So, now you know where I have been …

6 thoughts on “Me … Two days in solo

  1. I don’t know how long Mike is away but I hope its not too long. You’re doing great work with the kids, even if the diet has gone a bit crazy in the meanwhile. I know you thought. Control will be regained shortly

    • Mike won’t be back for DAYS Ducky! He left on Monday and gets back on Friday. The young men leave Sat., but my son (with the TBI traumatic Brain Injury) Arrives with his son and pregnant wife. 😀 It really is good though …. just trying sometimes. Mostly … it is just rough because Mike isn’t here. 😀 He makes everything better.

  2. I love your blog. Most of the time I say to myself, “Me too!”, “Me, too!” I love that Mike is a grandpa now. You two together encourages me so much.

    • So glad we encourage you. 😀 ❤ Just being us together … it's great. Miss him right now. Actually we are on the phone together as often as possible so we don't have to feel so seprate while he is away.

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