Draggin booty, but still movin’

Just wanted to say hello!  Let you know I am still alive–snot rockets and all.

I am about to go for a stroll about the hood.  I may even run a bit–I know–crazy.  I am trying to run again.  I don’t know why I have this strong desire to run, but I do–and I super suck at it.  Still I wanna run.  Crazy.  Mikey gets off soon and we are going to hang out and have a ball, riding and cleaning up to head back to Birmingham where the GRANDS are.

I am loaded for bear with Easter goodies.  I can’t wait to hide easter eggs with my grand-kiddos.  Should be SUPER FUN.  We are all gonna do breakfast together.  It should be GRAND!

Hahaha … I’m not making word plays with grand.

Laters … S


6 thoughts on “Draggin booty, but still movin’

  1. Happy Easter! Enjoyed Good Friday with my gd Emily yesterday..Good times. You inspire me and keep it real with your blog. Thanks for sharing. Been cheating a little with the Easter goodies but will be back to healthy eating on Monday!!! Run S. Run!

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