The Trainer Nazi Strikes Again

It's Fun to Go to the Y.M.C.A! So true?

Its Fun to Go to the Y.M.C.A! So true?

Ok … my Trainer Nazi decided I needed to try her muscle confusion class, directly following the Pilates Reformer Class. Three hours later I sorta have enough brain to tell you what happened to me. 😀

Remember ... this is what the class is like.  PAINFUL.  I was groaning.

Remember … this is what the class is like. PAINFUL. I was groaning.

**You have to remember I haven’t done Pilates Reformer for a month (For some reason missing makes it super tough), then, you add to it last night I lifted heavy, and ran sprints.  I was already super weak and super sore.

The muscle confusion class was directly following an hour of reformer. She had us walk or run (I jogged once and sprinted the next) in between the strength training. Then we did crazy stuff on the treadmill. Then, balanced on foam roller — don’t ask me how we did that–my brain won’t work right now. Finally it was over, and we stretched.

Let me just say this … I didn’t eat enough for all that.

Two hours after arriving at the Y — I was shaking, wobbly, and STARVING with no brain to figure out what to eat. I had an apple in the car, which I swallowed fast … long story short … I called Mike and he suggested my favorite Mexican place (that I know uses good fresh food) ordering Chicken Fajitas — skip the bread add the chicken soup and an ounce of chips and salsa.  Toss it all together with a wonderful dose of my daughter (who works there), then call it a perfect meal! I am starting to feel like a human again … sort of … I of course, did eat an ounce of macadamia nuts to go with all that chicken. Oh … hahaha … and I had myself a banana for desert.

Yeah, I probably ate more than I should have, but oh do my muscles feel GREAT … sore but GREAT … so, I am just going to enjoy this.  I will worry about the calories another day.

I feel like I won, why?

  1. Because I kept it all real food in my crazy hungry state.
  2. I made good choices even for my body, even if I did eat a touch too much.
  3. I wasn’t stuffed or hurting after I finished.
  4. My blood sugars stayed in a healthy range 113.

All this makes me think that I ate the right types of food for my body, in this particular situation.  Since I didn’t have a good plan in place to handle a 2 hour workout, I am pretty happy with myself and my choices.  Hope you all are having a GREAT day.

me a touch tuckered out, but happy ... mostly.  :)

Me in the stages of recovery … a touch tuckered out, but happy … mostly. 🙂

Check ya laters.  Shonnie


6 thoughts on “The Trainer Nazi Strikes Again

  1. I wish that you could be there 4 days a week doing this program!! It is exactly what you need! You did great – – – keep up the good work! Donna…..the NICE trainer!

    • Hahaha … You know I LOVE you girly. I pay to be tortured. Gotta mean something …. hahaha … I am gonna go with that you are good for me!

      I wish I could be there 4 days a week too. I agree … too bad I can’t pack you up and take you with me each week. 🙂
      Once I get back … I am going to start shooting for 3 days of that and 2 days reformer. I think that will help me a BUNCH. Then, I should be able to keep things together when we are out of town.

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