Are you …

Are you a success or a failure? How do you stack up in your own mind? Do you over value your efforts or do you sell yourself short? Are you over critical of your shortcomings? Do you recognize you strengths, attributes, and accomplishments?

Today, the Trainer Nazi made me realize I sell myself short. I don’t mean too. Gonna be thinking on this.

Love to hear what you think.



18 thoughts on “Are you …

  1. I give myself a ton of credit for all I’ve done. I work hard, I’m a good person, I care about others, I’m creative and smart, what’s not to like? I don’t look “perfect” and frankly I don’t care. I’m most proud of the fact that I graduated college and am successful in my career despite very difficult family circumstances. Most people in my situation do not end up succeeding in life and end up with addictions or depression, and for that I am proud. Are there areas of my life where I could improve? Absolutely. But I don’t expect myself to be perfect because there’s no such thing. I’ll keep working on it, and loving every day and every stage. That’s what brings me peace.

    • I like that you feel this way. I love strong women! Women who appreciate who they are and the wonderful qualities they possess. I have come a LONG way in that area. Some see it as over–whatever. I see it as confidence and acceptance of truth. ❤ You big time. Sorry it took so long to see and respond to your great comments. You made my day and gave me a smile.

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  3. I’m very neglectful of myself in many ways. I don’t mean to be, but | always seem to have something else to worry about. Recently I have started to walk about 6 miles a day and a sense of fitness and cheer is seeping through my frame. Yippee

  4. I sell myself short, but I’m getting better about that. I used to focus on all of the things I couldn’t do, couldn’t do well, would never be able to do, etc, etc, etc. Now it’s about solutions. Do I really want this? Okay, then how will I make it happen? The bigger challenge for me is impatience. When I want something, I want it NOW. Which isn’t usually the way life changes work. =D

  5. One thing I can say about you is that you always work yourself to the max in between bouts of exhaustion, and you love your family to bits. That makes you pretty much a success in my book. I mean, what’s not to admire about that. Sometimes you are too hard on yourself but that isn’t a life sentence as I’m sure you know

    • hahaha. Thanks Ducky! I appreciate your kind words. I just felt I needed to pause on this topic. When Donna said what she did … it gave me internal pause. I need to appreciate my own hard work. Enjoy it. Be thankful for it. I don’t think I have to this point.

  6. I would consider myself to be a success as far as my health is concerned — mainly because 12 years ago my doctor told me that he thought I had less than five years to live. I turned my life around and am now a distance cyclist. By the way, your photo makes you look neither “angry” nor “fat” (in fact, you have a lovely smile).

    • That is AWESOME! It is wonderful that you have turned your life around so wonderfully! Thank you so much for sharing that with me. The angry/fat girl is still there. I am not as fat as I was, but not as healthy as I need to be yet either. The struggle makes me super mad–but I press on. 😀

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