Hangin at the beach with Boo Man


This week it’s just me n boo man. I woke up to late for a peddle about town. We had to settle for a peddle to the beach for a swim. Unlike yesterday the water was FINE!!


I’ve been in twice. We will probably hang out her for an hour or two more before we head back to the house. I’m hoping to swim a couple more times once the sun screen has settled in.

Even though life has been crazy. And it has. I love being alive. Love my family. I’m learning to love my body as it is — even though it is so darn difficult. I wish my body acted like it was supposed to. Responded like it was supposed to. But it doesn’t. So I deal.

Still, how can one feel sorry for ones self when one lives half one’s life at the beach?? The sun makes a body happy.

Then there’s the exercise. That makes a body happy even in the midst of sorrow. So there you have it. Life’s good. Add Mikey to the mix and you have perfection.


Me wishing you blue skies.

2 thoughts on “Hangin at the beach with Boo Man

  1. At the end of the day, with all the things life throws at you, and it seems to throw uit a lot, you live near the beach which can make the least material of men green with envy. Sob, Sob, Whimper etc

    • Ducks!!! Love you man! The beach is a great reward for all the bumps life throws as us. There have been so many bumps, but still, life is good. Wish you could come sit under the umbrella and drink a pint with us. 😀

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