Picture Update

Not been in a writing mood. Well, that isn’t exactly true. I just pass out after all the swimming and the writing doesn’t happen. So here are a few pics


Can you find the moon? Sorry, I didn’t have enough battery juice to post larger pics. 🙂


It was a lovely evening yesterday. I had a nice chat with a lady I met on the beach. We swam and swam until we were both were prunes. She didn’t want to go home and I can understand her feelings. 😀


I know I look so cute hiding under the shade after my swim to the sandbar. 😀


Love hangin with my boo man. 😀 Even when he whines about my making him babysit me while I swim.


This is what Boo does when I’m sitting chillin’ on the beach. He walks back and forth. 😀

Life’s good even when trying on clothes is depressing. 🙂

Hoping some of my stress will soon be over and then I can get this weight off again. Had to go up on a hormone to get my hair to stop falling out and well I puffed up some with that, but I’m not going to give up hope that I can make the fat go down even on this higher dose of meds. 😦

2 thoughts on “Picture Update

    • Awe … thanks Ducky my friend. I appreciate ya. The beach and the water were amazingly beautiful today. The water is clear. You can see to the bottom … even where you cannot touch. Love it so.

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