Happy Fourth!!

Happy Fourth.

My day started off kind of fiery. Not the good kind. Things are better now, but I’m super tired.

Yesterday my kiddos got scammed out of $700. They were trying to rent a place–turns out the folks didn’t actually own the place they took off with the money. Gotta love some people.

Life happens. More often than I feel like dealing with that’s for sure.

Think I’m gonna go rest.


4 thoughts on “Happy Fourth!!

    • Thanks.

      It was very disheartening. We will find something that will work for them. Honestly, I have never had to deal with anything like this before.

      Thankfully, my son had a bad feeling and couldn’t bring himself to pay the first months rent. Mike checked the tax records and discovered that the person had never owned the property. So we were saved further horror.

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