Shonnie Gets Her Grove

Life happens. Things and circumstance work to block life goals. It would be easy to quit. Two years past reaching my weight loss goals of a 100 pounds–and I keep fighting with a 30 pound regain. Each time I get it off something gets out of whack with my body and all my hard work goes out with a flash.

I’m back with Donna at the gym and that’s good. I swim when I’m at the beach and that’s good. So just the flab is bad.

Now, I’m wearing super tight clothes, because I refuse to buy new fat ones, and working to RE-lose the same 30 pounds. I’ve wanted to write about this before now, but my life just stays in crazy land. A By-product of having another family live in your house with you. Rhythms are hard to establish–that work for writing. Short blurbs on FB have been a challenge as well. — right now I’m writing as we bop down the highway. I decided I had to at least start trying to write this.

My brain is fried. I’m super ticked off about being in this position yet again. I am going to see people who will ser that I’ve gained again. This is embarrassing. i dont want to be seen. What am I going to do? Hide?? NO!!

at least I know if I don’t quit I will win in the end. So off I go to work on losing the same dad-blasted pounds AGAIN.


One more thing that’s super good my newest critter. πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Shonnie Gets Her Grove

  1. Totally in agreement with everyone above. If appearance matters so, that is not a friend. I know this is no comfort but I am also thirty pounds up and for the life of me, I see it everywhere on me and you look fabulous, can’t see it at all! Beautiful arms, smile, legs, you go girl! ❀

  2. Agreed! True friends are happy to see you for YOU, not how you look. Just like true friends don’t care if your house isn’t spotless when they come to visit. We put so much pressure on ourselves worrying what others think of us. We could learn a lot from the “little critters” we hang around with–they aren’t bothered with other peoples’ opinions about them. They just live life out loud. πŸ™‚

  3. I agree with Susan. You always looked more than good to me, and your character is a joy to read of, so no problems over here. I’m glad you back with Donna, swimming and generally having some fun. No one deserves it more than you, apart from me of course, but I’ve been told to finish the vacuuming first, before I can start enjoying life.

  4. If they are your friends, they wont care that you have gained. If they aren’t your friends, then it doesn’t matter. You and Mike know what has been happening in your lives and the truth of the matter is, it’s none of anyone else’s business! Just keep swimming, just like Dory in the ‘Finding Nemo’ movie. Your continual determination to keep on with this battle is inspiration in itself. You are an inspiration to others, let that be your own inspiration. You are a battler! Something to be proud of Miss Shonnie. x

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