Are you what you eat?

Do you believe you are what you eat?

What if all you eat is veggies?  What does that make you?  A Vegetable?  I mean, that usually signifies a person devoid of brain power.  That doesn’t sound good.  What if you eat fat?  DANG does that make you fat?  I don’t like the sound of that.  What if you eat protein?  Does that mean you are a chicken, pig, cow, or fish??  I know I don’t want the body of a cow, fish, chicken, or any other animal.


I am coughing and spitting all over the screen.  This post will have to be continued tomorrow.



8 thoughts on “Are you what you eat?

  1. I am me no matter what I eat. A human. Kate. HI! 🙂 What I eat may affect how I feel, how I look, or my health. But I am still a human whether I am unhealthy or healthy, fat or thin. There’s a lot more to me than what I eat.

  2. Yes. I am what I eat. I know this because I started eating “wrongly” when life 911’ed my brain in September 2011. Seems I have come a long way but not yet stopped eating ice cream, frozen yogurt, cake, pie filling (hate crust), muffins and those blasted so called skinny mochas ain’t skinny on my arse at all. That said, I also suffered a chest compression injury January 2013 and haven’t been able to work out. So. I have big jiggly bits on my already big jiggly bits and I am not one bit in giggly fits about it. I know as soon as I go back to my yogurt, fruit, veg, fish, eggs, oatmeal, chicken, cottage cheese etc and start working out, it will come back off. This time it will not get another ride. All done with that because everything is harder: tying shoes, getting in and out of bed, just everything. And there’s more to wash in the shower. Not appreciating that either. Want my size four skirts back on my butt asap. Sigh.Got me some sweatin’ to do and lots of water to drink 🙂 Long winded but yes. I am what I eat for sure. It shows up when healthy and when not.

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