Can you guess what I was doing?

Can you guess what I was doing?

Promise I am not trying to be anti-social.  But I seem to be doing just that.  I’ve been hiding.

I’ve got my excuses all ready for you:

  1. It is hard when you have another family living with you.
  2. Its hard when you drive back and forth to the beach all the time for work.  I know my life is hard, but hey somebody’s gotta do it.  😀
  3. Its hard to write when you are trying to get your autistic son ready for college.
  4. Its hard when you are trying to help you ADD, Dyslexic, and Tourettes Daughter lined up for testing so that she can get the needed help to finish college.  She wouldn’t let me do this stuff for her in the beginning.
  5. Its hard to write happy stuff when you can’t get the Dag Blasted 30 pounds to come back off your body for a third time.
  6. Its hard to write when your brain is in a fog from all the meds you are taking to help with the injuries you have suffered as you try behave as though you are 15.
  7. Its hard to write when your brain is suffering from brain fog associated with new patterns of eating food.  (in a failed attempt to push the 30 pounds back off your body.)

I mean … don’t you think all those sound like great excuses??  I know I find them slightly repulsive.  I have a goal of writing my book this year.  Seems like I am on a journey to sabotage myself to me.  Avoidance.  Why do I call what I am doing Avoidance?  Especially, when I have so much on my plate that is real?  Because, I have always had this much junk on my plate — EXCEPT the part of my son and his family living with me — so there is only one of those that might be messing with my ability to get things done.

I am a grand-baby sucker!  If they show their face — I’m done with whatever I’ve been doing.  I just don’t seem to be able to hold my discipline out when they show their faces.  I love them so much.  I know they will be small for just a blink of an eye — so that is just how it is with me.   I am good with them messing up my abilities  My son and his family move out of my house this weekend.  This is a grand moment and I will have more time for me when I am home.  It is a happy/Sad thing.  It will mean I won’t see those beautiful faces near as much.  But it is super good for everyone.  I’m so proud of them.   😀

I’ve got pictures and stories that I want to share with you.  If there is anyone still out there reading.  I have been so bad at posting I wouldn’t be overly surprised to find you all have moved on.  I hope not.  I hope that you all will be here now that I should be able to post again.

One fun note:  I realized that I have kept 70 pounds off for 2 years.  How cool is that?

Later with the pics, ‘n stories.  😀

5 thoughts on “Anti-Social

  1. Yes Shonnie, I am still here. Your plate is full so I understand how difficult it is to post. But I am always happy to see what you have to say when you do have time to post.

    • You are too sweet Kathie and I think it is time for us to go for tea or coffee again. I work at the beach next week … so lets check our schedules and see if we can make it the following. 😀

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