Sitting here in my Bikini

This is as close as you are ever likely to see me in a "Bikini Pic."  Love ya, but NO!  ;)

This is as close as you are ever likely to see me in a “Bikini Pic.” Love ya, but NO!   😉

Yes, you read that right.  And NO, I am NOT posting picks.  I know I wear my suit in front of other people, but I lie to myself and think about Mikey’s fabulous expression, and I pretend that I am just that HOT.  Pictures however require that I acknowledge reality.  I prefer my Fantasy.

The sun is shinning and it is pouring down rain.  I’m thinking of running outside.  BRB.  WOW! That was refreshing!!  Why did I come back in if it was so wonderful??  Thunder … where there is thunder there is usually lightening.  Here in Florida people get struck by lightening a lot.  I’m just not in the mood to be the electric woman.    😉

Why am I sitting around the house in my bathing suit?  Well, I started to get on my bike while the weather was perfect to go for a swim, but I just couldn’t make my mind up to go anywhere.  I’ve been working around the house cleaning, working out, and periodically going outside to lay out a bit.  The sun has a way of making me feel like doing stuff.  It puts a smile on my face and skip in my step.  Smiling is an important thing seeing my body IS NOT working with me and losing weight right now.  I guess I should be happy that I’m not gaining, but my 50th birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I will be in front of a LOT of my friends, in my bathing suit, at my party (I’m having a not-so-surprise-surprise Birthday Party).  I will have just a touch of trouble with my fantasy.

I also tell myself, when I am wearing my suit, that I will never see these people on the beach again, if ever for at least a year.  They won’t remember me, because they are on vacation having their own special good time.  I am barely on their radar.  …At least that is what I tell myself.  …I hope I am right.  No matter, I’m gonna keep tellin’ myself that.  😀

Mikey, my  buddies, (Tricia, Nat, and Lisa), and my Daughter have taken over planning my party.  Can I tell you how very hard it is to give up control of this event??  I’m the party planner.  I’m the one who thinks up surprises around my house.  I help other people throw surprises–I’m a touch difficult to surprise.  Even letting go is difficult.  I keep thinking of things.  Things we could do.  I want my guests to have a great time.  I know I will have a great time just because they are here.  Groan!!  I’m trying hard not to ask too many questions so that things can be a touch of a surprise, because Mikey really wants it to be special for me.

We have run into snags with the housing for the party.  We have many options that Mike is now exploring.  I keep hoping the one across the street will be available–because that would be so perfect.  I just don’t want to harm the guy.  He is a great guy.  This is how they make their living.  They are a sweet young Christian couple who are super friendly and willing to help.  For them to rent to me means they lose two weeks rental.  They really can’t afford that.  So they are waiting until the last moment to confirm.  While I WANT that house — I really have a hard time praying for them to have no rentals.  I want to see them blessed, not harmed for my fun and pleasure.

I believe things will come together for my special day … I know … no matter what happens we will have an amazing time.  I have some of the best family and friends on the planet.  So … how could it be a bad time?  Just can’t!

Sorry it has been so long getting back to post … but we have been super busy moving my oldest son into his own place over the past week.  It was so amazing to hear my son talk about how happy he was … how blessed he felt.  All I can say is … God is good.  That son should be dead.  The car hitting him was traveling 45+ mph.  I never expected to having him back, only hoped.  I prayed for him to find a good wife that he would be a blessing to … I got better than I expected.  I love having my two amazing grandsons from this son who for so long seemed lost.  I have been joyfully working my butt off to get them settled and my second son situated for College.  This is also a dream come to life.  So, I am feeling super blessed, and super tired.

Hoping by tomorrow I will be back on my game.  I think it is almost time for Shonnie time.  This is exciting.  😀

See y’all a bit later.  🙂

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