BAd WorD, BaD WOrd, BAD WORD!!!!

Wonder how I am doing??  Can you guess?

Wonder how I am doing?? Can you guess?

Can you guess how I got here??  Today was supposed to be a post sharing about how I like/love/or hate my FitBit, but it is going to be about how Donna “The Bad Word Trainer Nazi” kicked my butt for two hours.  All I want to do at this moment is lay in the bed and utter curse words in her name.  Donna has become a four letter word that should be spoken between gritted teeth followed by spittle.  She has been after me to join in on these Weight Training Classes.  I have wanted to be a part of them.  She assured me that everything would be fine.  SHE LIED!

I was having failure all over the place.  I normally can do my exercises with relative ease — not ease — but without going to I Can’t Do Another ONE.  Yeah, and I would try to do just one more, but it wasn’t happening.  I was bonking everywhere!  LORD HELP ME.

Just for comparison

Just for comparison

Yes, I went to the class willingly yesterday and TODAY.  I had NO idea what it was going to mean to me.  I had little idea of how weak I was going to feel.  I had Onnie coming over to help me do bulk cooking today.  I can’t even think about walking much less chopping and cooking.  I wanna keep my fingers in place.  Lord help me.  I’m hoping my second set of thyroid meds will help give me a touch more energy.  They are melting under my tongue as we speak (metaphorically).  There is a dull ache in my muscles that let me know I will probably suffer a  bit come morning.  YIKES!

Oh and did I mention that I am starving!!!!!!!!!!

According to my I am 2,138 calories under, and Fitbit I need to eat a bit more, BUT that requires me to move … and moving is something I do not wish to do.  I don’t even want to lift the spoon to my mouth.  This leads me to my next thought …

Is it obvious in my eyes??  What my mind is thinking??

Is it obvious in my eyes?? What my mind is thinking??


Why does Donna need to die?  Well, she was laughing while I was failing out, and groaning.  I was still groaning in the locker room when I went potty.  Yes, I am aware that I am using child language but I am around grand kiddos a lot … so there!!  She laughed every time I cramped and spazzamed.  She needs to suffer.  I told her that I was going to make a post about her.  Margaret always writes her e-mails that use very few words to communicate how stinky Donna has been.  I’ve promised to post it on FaceBook so all her family can see what a Nazi she is … and how lucky she is I was too weak to harm her on the way out.  Yeah … I am going to dream of how to hurt her.  Yep … I will.

Anybody got any ideas??

That’s all for today.


3 thoughts on “BAd WorD, BaD WOrd, BAD WORD!!!!

  1. I keep reading that exercise, while important, is not the major component in weight lose–it’s what you eat and how much. Actually, if you exercise too much, your appetite increases, negating the calories you burned while doing all that exercise. Yes, you have to move your body, but mostly it’s having a low-cal, hi-nutrient diet that is the key to sustained healthy weight loss.

    Imagine the hours of less torture you’ll enjoy… 🙂

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