Happy Birthday To Me Plus Mike

Ooopppss. Haha. I forgot to put the pics up before I published. One of the hazards of posting while riding down the road.

First pic is of the truck taking us to the doc to try out the boards.


The yellow one is mine

The white is Mikey’s

Once Mikey finishes up a bid we are going to take them out for a spin. Yeah me!!

Donna, boy am I grateful for all our classes. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me Plus Mike

  1. We really had a good time and didn’t get too much sun. Good food and plenty of fun time on the beach. We LOVE YOU GUYS and we are glad you all got to see us [He He He]

  2. Happy Birthday to you! Plus Mike. 🙂 Busy as a bee over here trying to get moved from here to there. 😛 But I haven’t lost my marbles… yet. Enjoy your day! And tell Mike I said, “Hi Mike! Make sure Shonnie has a fantastic day!”

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