Day Two of Paddle Board Ownership

So….can anyone say total body workout?? YIKES. Everything on my body hurts. Yet, I’m off to the bay to try to stand up a second day on my board.

Let me show you how I looked after TRYING to go for it in the gulf. Didn’t happen ….

…I could get up on my knees in the gulf, but I was too weak to stand in the rolling waves. After our second breakfast at Panera Bread I sort of feel ok. I can feel some Krispy Cream Donuts in my future. Just sayin’ … It’s an energy thang.

Right now, I’m sitting in front of Wally World waiting on Mike to acquire new shades since he lost his in the gulf. Have I mentioned that I’m sore? I haven’t? Well, let me tell you I’m sore on sore on sore. Who knows if I could get back up on my GUSU (get up stand up) board if it were in a pool?!?!?!

But we are going to give it a try. We ended up at a park on the bay. Figured we would maybe paddle an hour ….


Cool looking little park. Can you see our boards? Well, we paddled for I don’t know how many hours. It was much easier in the bay!! MUCH EASIER.

Me during a snack break.

We played hard. People are often asking me where I got my bruises…

Sorry, but I’m crashing and cannot finish this post. My body caught up with me brain gone, body gone … Maybe tomorrow.

Me on my lunch brake at Dewey’s Destin


Love ya. Nighty nite!!


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