Where we ate our lunch today in Contoocook, New Hampshire. It was a lovely day. We had loaded and cleaned the house–all we had left was driving the cars up on the loading ramps., before we could leave. *****Note: I’m typing this as we bounce down the road so there could be a lot of errors. I need a pad. This phone is too dang small. Just sayin’

Me still liking Mike before he tried to run me over with both card while loading them.


I have screamed, (pardon the language) “my ass is twitching, my ass is twitching,” on more than one occasion. Special people pull out in front of heavy loaded large trucks and stop. A couple of times I thought we’d bought the farm and the cows.

I’m longing for a bed. We have at least an hour before we arrive in Scranton ,PA. That’s where we plan to rest for the night. From New Hampshire to Pennsylvania, after a day of moving. Not too shabby, but I really wish we could have worked a NYC visit into the mix.

Mikey would have made it happen for me, but you should have seen how tired his face looked when he was trying to work it out. I just nixed so he didn’t have too. Can’t be wearing my man out too bad. I kinda like having him around.


12 thoughts on “Driving

  1. Poor old Mike. Lets hope he doesn’t get too tired and you both have a great trip. I love your sleepy face, and the fact that you didn’t force your man to do more than he could manage. 🙂

    • Love him too much Ducky to make him push too hard. He looked so tired — just couldn’t do it. I know, if I had really pressed him, he would have killed himself trying to give it to me. 😀 Thankfully, there will be another chance to go to NY–I’m thinking positively. 😀

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