I know … I know … but I burnt myself

I know it has been a long time since the last post.

I was worn OUT after the move.  I have really been struggling with the whole weight gain thing.  Everything  that has worked in the past stopped working.  I mean EVERYTHING!  I was about to go back to OptiFast, because I know I am fitter, but I don’t want to weigh what I am weighing.  Why did I say about to, well, they want to charge me a pretty high price to restart.  NOT interested in paying that at the moment.  Why?  I know it worked, but it made me miserable.  I may still go back to OptiFast to restart my body if I can’t come up with another method, because it is a GREAT program.  –BUT– I REALLY DO NOT WANT TOO.  I hate the way the stuff makes me feel.  I hate feeling angry and moody.  My blood sugars stay high–BUT it works for weight loss and it makes my body keep the weight off.  The money thing was just the excuse not to do it.

I decided to make my own healthy smoothies and juices.  I was going to make up my own partial liquid fast–having one or two small meals a day–depending on activity levels.  Keeping the things I learned with OptiFast in mine.  I balanced my meals out and I was doing great.  Well, after the initial drug-out-feel-like-a-dog feeling that happens when you change up your diet.  My body did seem to be moving me in the right direction–without all the extra cost, and with REAL FOOD.  Did you detect a BUT?  Yes, there’s a but.  I BURNED my left forefinger and part of the middle–2nd degree burns–yesterday while I was making my meal.

Why is this a big but?  Thank you for asking.  The burn was so bad that it took 2 stiff drinks and two pain pills to get ahead of the pain.  That meant my evening bike ride was out and my morning walk was almost impossible, because I was too dizzy.  My legs, hand, and tummy are all swollen — so I have NO idea if I am doing well or not.  Yes, I have mostly stayed on the plan.  I got off by eating a banana–that may seem strange to call bananas getting off plan, but when you are diabetic you can only consume about 1/2, even that is stretching it a bit.

I hope I am on to something, but it may take longer than a week to figure out if this plan will work for me.  Sadly, it will take that long for all the meds to workout my system, and all the fluid they have brought with them.  Usually, they stop weight loss.  So, it will be like starting over, but honestly I could not avoid taking the pain meds.  The pain was so intense that if I took my hand off one of my freezer bricks I would start screaming–Just ask Mike.  I was slow to act on taking meds., because normally I do not really need it.  I also would rather suffer than feel nauseous and dizzy.  This time, it was not possible to avoid.  I’m hoping the pain dies down some tomorrow, cuz I cannot stand this sick feeling!  UUHHHhhGGG!!

I’m tired … so I gonna lay down.

See you tomorrow …. I hope.  😀

6 thoughts on “I know … I know … but I burnt myself

  1. Mike posted about you burning yourself with the steam, which I can imagine being very painful. Poor you. I just hope it heals soon. I love Smoothies, but most of all I just want you to get and feel better soon x

  2. Feel better soon. ….imagine what I went through with little family here to help me move. Then 5 disk fusion back surgery. Still hurting.

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    • Yuck Nancy. Yuck!! Hate you had no family there. I thought you still had one child living close. Mikes mom flew us up there so we could help her. You guys living so far away is horrible. Makes it hard yo help out. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Ohhhhh, lots of healing and soothing hugs to you. No matter your weight you are still an incredivle woman, a fighter and a winner. You will figure things out and change what you want to change ! Go team Shonnie ! Fruity hugs !

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