Beach Time after so much driving felt good …. soo good when you threw in the bike rides and the paddle boarding. The juicing was dropping my blood sugars too. Bonus! 😀


The yummy burn that knocked out most of a week. YIKES! That hurt so bad. Still throbs a bit even now.

This is more challenging than I expected to add large photo’s for you all to see.  I am having quite the time getting them to downsize.  Gotta love that!  😀


I have spent many hours washing veggies for my juice/smoothie fasting as opposed to shake fasting. 😀 I have to say I could do this the rest of my life. 😀 YUM!

I have not had a lot of success stopping the weight gain–even with trying all the things that have worked in the past–not to mention I was feeling like a run over dog.  So, I decided to try juicing real food and making smoothies.  At first I felt like crap–just like with everything else.  Then, I started to feel a lot better.  I have stopped gaining.  This is a MAJOR bonus.  Let’s see if It will make a huge difference in weight loss, and over all health.  I love the flavors.  I could do this for the rest of my life, and never feel cheated.   That is an important thing.  I will give you a review of my juicer and smoothy maker in another post, and a few other things, but for now …. on with the photo journal.  😀


Food Prep! Fun — not, because it is a LOT of work, but the results are amazingly tasty!  definitely worth the effort.   😀

Some of the photos are out of order, but this took so long to get them sized down … we are just gonna roll with it how it tis.  😀

Me n My pretty Girls.  This was such a fun day filled with shopping and good food.

Me ‘n My pretty Girls. This was such a fun day filled with shopping and good food.

I so love my children and grand children.  They are such blessings to my life.    They are the reason that I push myself when the going gets tough.  And it has been tough for the last 6 months with the constant gaining.  I don’t want to reverse all my health gains; so I FIGHT.  I will keep on fighting, and as I said before if I cannot get this weight to go back down with real food changes then I will go back to OptiFast because I will NOT allow myself to lose this fight.  Just sayin’.

Then, there’s Mikey.  I can’t leave him early–he would be lost without me.  Besides, I’ll be darned tooted if I am gonna let some other woman come in and enjoy all the good work I have put into that man.  I will live out of spite if nothing else.  Hehehe!    😉



My fun little Man. He ate, he ran and made a mess, he watched TV, and then, he passed out on the cold hard floor.  He cracks me up.  He LOVES Ami’s veggie juice.   😀


My yummy, yummy, yummy Butternut Squash soup! YUM!  Recipe and steps coming soon.  YUM!


My little man playing at the beach while his little brother slept and his parents paddle boarded. 😀 Fun times.


Watching Daddy and Popi paddle board. He was too cute not to snap a few photos.


Chasing Butterflies in Great Grands backyard after the move. 😀 He just squealed and squealed. It was so funny. That horrible scrape down his nose he got when he was tired rubbing his face on my carpet! OUCH!


Me getting sugar! 😀


Will and Sheilia learning to paddle board. 😀


Mike and Collin paddle boarding.   Collin is using my board.  🙂


This is as close to having a pic made on my board as I will get it seems. Cuz I’m the only one who takes pics. Collin does pretty good don’t cha think?    😀


I had to share these photos. Isn’t he a cutie pie?? He loves to laugh. Just like his daddy did when he was a baby. 😀

I’m sure there is so much more going on in my life, but dang … I think this is enough for today.  If I don’t stop with the photos the page isn’t going to load.  Hehehe!

Laters … I gotta go pack, load, and drive to Destin.  Yea me!  😀

8 thoughts on “Update

  1. Well, you are looking GREAT! To me. I was diagnosed with 2 degenerative discs and I went from running 4 days a week to nothing. It sure is tough finding that happy place again!

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