Bustin UP

Stuffy FaceI went to bed last night seriously looking forward to the activity I was going to partake in this morning–a long bike ride.  I had imagined a lovely day in the sunshine peddling along the beaches of Panhandle of Florida.  I had visualized scones at the bakery near Big Daddy’s Bike Shop.  Then a lunch of fish tacos in Seaside followed by a lovely green juice.  I was going to make my way back home before dark stopping by the Starbucks Coffee shop in Grayton Beach and then take another break at the Donut Hole.  I know that sounds like a lot of food, but I was only going to have one or two treats the rest would be normal healthy choices — thats why I choose most of the places I do — there are great food options that allow me to eat, for a lack of better terms, “Clean.”  Many of these local places offer local, fresh organic food options–I get to have my cake and eat it too–after a fashion.

That was not to be my fortune.

I awoke with a mind splitting headache that made my eyes feel like they were going to pop out of my head I lay in the bed, after each attempt to rise, writhing in pain.  I was so congested that it had dropped to my chest and I was hacking, yes hacking, not coughing.  I sounded like I was going to croak.  I drank the coffee my saint of a hubby left on my bedside table praying that something would change so that I could enjoy my day in the sun.

That was not to be my lot.

I kept trying to arise.  I kept pressing forward.  Only after a LARGE glass of homemade green juice and a bowl of soup did I even half-way feel like moving.  Around noon I was able to make myself head out into the sun … but only for a walk.  I hoped that the sun would work its magic on me and revive me.  And it appeared to be working, so in my eager excitement I headed back to the house to collect my bike for a much shorter than planned outing.  Riding to the outlet mall would have to suffice for today, but I was excited because I could stop by Bad Ass Coffee and grab some tea.  I would feel as though my day had been rescued.  I found myself contemplating ways I could drag my paddle board to the beach, because the water was a wonderful blue with mild wind and waves.

That was not to be, PERIOD.

By the time I got to the ramp that lead back to my street exit, I was breathing like a pervert on a hot call.  I looked around hoping that no one was around to hear me.  Why was I breathing so hard?  Am I so out of shape??  NO!  The Blankin’ headache was back with a vengeance.  The pain was debilitating, I almost became ill.  I managed to wobble home, two blocks over and two blocks down, without falling over, passing out, or tossing my cookies (Not that I had any cookies.  Does anyone have cookies?  I’m tempted–only sorta). ~~That was a meager effort at humor — so the food-paleo-primal-low carb police can save the lectures on how to eat.

I mean really … wouldn't you wanna play in that?

I mean really … wouldn’t you wanna play in that?  I did!  Maybe tomorrow.

I called Mike on the phone about halfway through the pain to help me keep my focus, and in large part to have a witness should I pass out–he could call 911.  Trudgingly, I made my way home, and groped in the fridge for the remaining green juice.  I swallowed that hoping it would help me feel better.  It didn’t.  Dejected, I crawled back into my bed.  Somewhere in all this I passed out, thankfully in my bed.

I awoke, with a headache, and thought I should share my fabo day with you.  I felt sure that somehow cleansing/purging myself of my fabo-fun-day with you all would make me feel better.   Oddly, now, my day doesn’t seem so waisted because I have visited with you all, and Mikey says that it should be sunny tomorrow.  Maybe, tomorrow will be my day for adventure.  I hope so.  Mikey said we might go get my new iPhone 5s tonight if I can handle it.  I am excited that I finally made up my mind and am looking forward to playing with my new toy.  Which means later I will get another i-something or other pad.  It has only taken me 3 months to make up my mind that I would stay with iPhone–but that is for another day.  You know  I have to have a phone–seeing a girl can’t live in this day and age without one–ya gotta stay connected.  So all is not lost, even though it feels as though someone has driven a cleaver through my scull.

You all often lift my spirits when I do not see how they could be lifted.  You did that yesterday and I wanted to thank you.  So many wonderful spirits spoke to mine.

Blessings on you all,


2 thoughts on “Bustin UP

  1. Tomorrow is a new day. You won’t keep feeling like $#!& forever. Thanks for sharing your fabo day with everybody. It makes the good ones more real if you share the bad too–in my humble opinion. Get well!

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