The Beautiful People, Part 2 (The Story Behind Don’t Compare Yourself to Celebrities)

In case any of you are depressed after the Victoria Secret show yesterday … here’s shot of reality so you can like yourself. 🙂

Grits and Bottle Rockets

(Previously, on The Beautiful People Part 1)

Kids, to fully understand why I started mythbusting magazine images, you have to go back to December 2007, when I opened my Nikon D40, Elvis, on Christmas Eve.


^^That’s me with Elvis shortly after we were introduced. (If you didn’t notice the bag of trash hanging from my closet doorknob, your picture analyzing skills have good places to go, my friend.)

Back to Christmas 2007. I spiked a delirious fever two days before Christmas that didn’t go away until two days after.

I don’t remember much, but I do remember opening the Nikon box. I’d wanted a dSLR for ages, because I had taken pictures on my little point-and-shoot for years, but something was just wrong with them.

Owning a kick-butt camera is a good step for a novice shutterbug who wants to photograph friends and family, and I figured it would cure…

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