Hello 2014

I almost said 2012!?!?

That was a long time ago.


Mike and I had a great New Years Eve party to attend. I decided to take little cleanse break and enjoy some off plan food and drinks. It was a great night. We didn’t have family around, which was kind of sad, but thanks to new friends it was super fun.


The beach was beautiful, but COLD!! Even though I had to dress in bunches of layers I made it outside. Which was nice, because my body starts hurting all over if I’m not in motion.

I have had about six months of constant stress. Which has sapped me of emotional energy to press forward with my goals for my life. I have several started posts that never made it to finished. Life is calming down. My body is starting to get in line. Thank You Lord!! The off and bad was getting SUPER OLD! Just sayin.


Gotta play with grand babies so I’ll check with you later.

5 thoughts on “Hello 2014

  1. Hello! I am reading your post..and its been interesting..not sure if your a fat lady or just using those words as a title..?? but its fascinating to read your stories..!! My question is this..do you suffer like me with prediabetes or are you diabetic? I feel the need to ask..so hope you don’t mind! I need a friend to discuss this with me! bless..

    • I am diabetic. Type II I am still on meds, but less than before. I am by all standards “FAT” When one is close to 200 pounds and 5′ 6″ that is a LOT of weight. I spent a year in the NON-fat area, but had some health issues that set me back and Now I am back working to get it off. Hope that helps. Glad you like reading my posts.

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