I’ve Been Reformed

Ye 'Ole Torture Chamber

Ye ‘Ole Torture Chamber

Pilates Reformer that is.  OUCH!  OUCH!  OUCH.  I had a major cramp.  Donna offered to roll it out for me … but alas the cramp was on the inside groan area of my left leg.  I will leave those rubs to MIKEY!  Just sayin’!

My daily workout stats as promised

My daily workout stats as promised

  • Monday — 15 min run in place
  • Tuesday — 55 min walk
  • Wednesday — 60 min reformer

I’m on track for my 30 minutes a day.  Once I get through this week I plan on shooting for a 30 minute walk everyday.  I’m hoping to lift weights tomorrow and walk.  We will see if my body is up to that.  It will be a VERY SHORT weight lifting session.  30 minutes of weights and 30 minutes of walking is the plan.  I will let you know if I make it.  After reformer, especially when I have missed so much class time, I often cannot do much between classes.  I hope I can lift some tomorrow.  Really hoping.  Pray for me that I can.  😀

Me writing you and hoping for tomorrow.

Can you see how much I am hoping?  This is me writing you and not realizing that I had some filter on my phone pic thingy.  Me hoping that I will get this right, this time.

Walking has a way of dropping my blood sugar numbers super low.  Yesterday after a dinner they were 77 … where other days this week they had been hovering around 130 ad 140 after meals.  I’m a happy camper when  my numbers stay low.   They are up right now, but that is probably because my exercise.  Not sure why I am like that, but I generally stay up after exercise for a time.  Then, it drops low and stays low.  🙂

I think I am down a total of 25 pounds which is awesome, but I am still not close to where I need to be to drop my meds down.  For me, health is about the weight.  I know a lot of people tell you it isn’t about the weight it’s about the health.  Some of us the two factors are combined.  I have to have my weight below a certain number — 175 pounds — and NO, I’m not there yet.  Thankfully, I am down enough that I am starting to move off my fluid pills.  YEA!  I had to take a very high level after my allergic reaction to the other fluid pills, but my body is starting to level out.  YEA!

Too tuckered out to walk over to a mirror, besides this angle helps with my face.  ;)

Too tuckered out to walk over to a mirror, besides this angle helps with my face. 😉

Life happens and we roll with it.  I will be honest here … it took me a while to get on board with taking body shots or even face shots.  I have had chapped skin on my face and nose for sometime and it just doesn’t’ make for a great pic, but I decided I am gonna get back out here … PERIOD.  So there ya have the reason for the body and face shots.  The Selfies as they are known.  I am gonna be a selfie girl again.  Why?

I have this wild thinking that other folks are like me and have a tough time lovin’ on their bodies when they are not perfect.  So … here’s me puttin’ myself out there and being real!  I hate all the commercials with these fit folks talking about losing weight.  I mean girls that look skinny on video … you know they are frail in person.  We have to love on ourselves even when we are not exactly like what we have dreamed of being.  Even when we are fluffy.

Yes, I am fluffy … this happened to catch me at a good angle.  If you look closely at the tummy section where the yellow band is you will see that I have a tummy that is quite large hanging out there.  I’m working on it.  If I were standing up it would not look so nice.

Blessing you guys.

Thanks for all the comments.  I really appreciate knowing that you all are out there.  If you only have time to like my post … that would be great too.  It’s just nice knowing you aren’t going this alone.

Check ya tammary … Shonnie

4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Reformed

  1. If any one could give a class on getting right up and starting all over again, its you. As the chief representative of your UK fan club, and even that may be overstating my importance, I’m always so impressed with your dogged determination. Its a brave health problem which can stick around when faced by it. I don’t know how you’ve managed to get so many Face Book Fans, I’m still below 200, and one of those is the pet cat!. Anyway, I’ve joined your club, because who would not want to be a member of it

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