Sunny Day!!


This is the way FLORIDA is supposed to feel in January. Just sayin’


One stop on my bike my first bike ride. 😀 The Wind was TOUGH … probably why we had clear skies later in the day. 😀

I went out for a ride, looking for my neighbors … we took a short ride together yesterday … hoped to catch up with them today.  I had a UPS delivery and then a visit from the Jehovah’s Witness folks that kept delaying my getting out the door.  I was sure I missed them.  So, I put the foot to the pedal and took off to sweat a bit in the on again off again sun.  I was excited that the temps were more normal and there was breaks in the clouds that made me feel happy.  No neighbors in sight.  I rode on, figuring to find them later. My girlfriend wasn’t out, but her hubby was walking with his brother.  I figured I would ride a bit more then go see if she wanted to go out again.


Me at the same place. I was loving my day in spite of how sour I look.

She did.  So I had my hard ride in the wind that was pushing the clouds away and then my short ride with my buddy who is just learning to ride.  We had fun.  She feels like she is holding me back, but I don’t feel that way.  I enjoy the company and love seeing her get active, because that means we can get into more trouble for much longer together.  😀


Don’t cha just love the colors?

One activity led to the other and I just had to get out into the sun.  It felt like a meeting with God himself.  It was so southing to my soul.  I feel renewed.


Took myself down to the harbor to walk around in the sun.


I tried to smile, but the LIGHT was too bright. hehehehe


I sat here for a while just enjoying the gentle roll of the bay. The birds in flight … soul enriching.


Just one more pic for good measure. 🙂


I’d write more, but i must away … Now, off to Yoga with Mike.


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