Happy 26th Anniversary To Me!!

I wrote this the day after my anniversary, February 20th of 2014.  Somehow, I forgot to post this.  I guess I was lost in my four days of bliss with my beloved and then I dashed off to Louisiana to visit family and friends.  I have been lost in life.  Enjoying the people I love.  The next few weeks are going to move almost as fast as the last few.  So … forgive me if I don’t post as well as I should, but sometimes you just have to stop and savor the amazing moments of your life.

Mike has worked so much over the last few months that I was beginning to be petulant. Generally in a constant funk. For the last few days we have enjoyed hanging together, paddling, cycling around, and just being lazy.  The day it rained we just laid in bed laughing and watching movies.



Yes, I still love riding my BIKE!


Our lovely day. 🙂

I have more pics of another day of paddling that we did during our anniversary.  I also have some of me on the water!  I will probably make an angry post that I have lost no more weight than I have.  I HATE body pics … cuz then I get to see the flub that built up while I was down sick.  YUCKY!  But one must get back on the horse — even if it is while kicking, cussin’, and screaming.  😀


I love good food!

I have to show you a few picks of the yummy food I eat.  This is my normal fare.  I do love good clean food.  I still do not understand how I can have a weight problem, with the way I like to eat–and play.  This was CHEAT food after a day of playing hard on those beautiful boards.  Cheat … only because it was an EXTRA meal for the day — sorry — but I had to have MO FOOD.  😉



I lose track of writing and almost everything else when these treasures are around.  I have been out of town so much I just do my best to soak them in when I am around them.  They so have my heart.  I had been away from them for almost three weeks before my trip to Louisiana, now I will be away some more.  Thank HEAVENS they will be coming down to see me for a spring break!  Yea ME!  I am a blessed woman.


The first day of our Anniversary:  Photo Credit for the top half of this photo found on Crab Island FB Page. bottom half is MINE.  😀

This was an amazing day.  The water was so smooth and clear.  Crab island was so shallow where we were paddling I decided to balance on one leg … hahahaha I ended up with my butt in the WATER!  😀  Still fun even if it was a tad bit chillier after my brief spell in the chilly bay.


See … even after a second paddle we are smiling. 😀

After our Yummy extra-lunch we had to find another place to go for a paddle.  I love looking at all the lovely homes along the fingers of the bay.  BEAUTIFUL.  A girl can dream!  😀


I think I just like this guy!

Yes … we went back out and paddled around the gulf too.  😀  Heck … we paddle every chance we get.  I got some cool new toys for paddling and biking that I will show you in another post.!


Blessings and peace out for today.


6 thoughts on “Happy 26th Anniversary To Me!!

  1. Here is one for the both of you;

    Always Together

    When by God two are brought together
    They become one for an endless time
    Nothing can ever come between them
    For their union is blessed by the Divine

    And no matter what occurs in their lives
    The good, the bad and the in-between
    Never will they ever be separated
    For they are equal parts of a coin it seems

    And their true love becomes more precious
    As each day together their blessing is shared
    And even when not physically together
    The other’s love will always be so near

    For their hearts will beat as one together
    In a very special way only God had in mind
    Jointly their lives will remain inseparable
    Even far beyond their bodies passing times

    For pure love is an eternal gift of a loving God
    And just like His love in our lives always stays
    When we find two are destined to be one mutually
    Their feelings will always blossom in priceless ways

    They will daily feel a very special anointing
    While their hearts fill with each other’s love
    And as God watches over their lives together
    He will continue to bless them from up above.

    Wendell A. Brown

    Congrats, again, hugs and blessings to both of you!,

  2. Its a real blessing to tell you congratulations, each year is a milestone, a priceless joy that is very unique to a few. Come June we will celebrate our 37th, and it seems still like it was only yesterday…that is the beauty of loving them, as your best friend husband/wife, they become all which we need! Hugs and blessings to you always and always know it’s a true blessing!

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