Blowin’ Raspberries at Cha



I  know … totally sexy … RIGHT?? 🙂

Yeah, You read and saw that right.  I am blowing raspberries and making special noises with my mouth towards snippy people.  Understand, I am only makin’ faces at you if you are a person who feels the need to police the actions of others.  I would really like to slap you senseless.  Seriously–it is only my great level of self-control, and the understanding you are a small person that stops me.

Come on over here with your snarky self.  Tell me how everything is a gimmick … when you have clearly done NO research yourself … and you just might find out why I call my blog diary of an ANGRY Fat Woman.  Yeah … I do get angry.  I know I normally write the positive stuff.  Why?  Cuz I am positive more than I am angry.  Rarely negative, but if you wanna see me get T’d … bring that snarky attitude over here and start spouting how every plan but your plan is dumb.

I also wanna brain the people who think everyone’s body is like theirs!  GROAN, sigh, poke you in the EYE!  I’m glad if your body works right.  I’m glad your body loses weight when you stop drinking sodas or eating the mountain of crap you shoved down your throat everyday of your life–and now you think you are the God of Diet plans.  Put a cork in your pie whole!  That doesn’t work for everyone!  PROMISE!  I KNOW I am not the only person out here that eats well and works out like a mad dog–and still–is fluffy!

I get so angry when people feel the need to make others feel stupid about the steps they are taking to improve their lives.  If you were here in person you would hear the F-Bomb Monday that is going on in my house.  I can’t bring myself to type it out — cursing in print hurts me, but if you were here … help me LORD … I would sound like a sailor getting a bullet carved from his buttocks without meds or booze.

My ANGRY facial expression is one not many have seen on my blog, but many have experience in person–and always react strongly too.  The intensity of my anger over this crap is so fierce that I am afraid you might shy away if you were to see it.

What people, who speak such thoughtless and unkind words, and behave so self-righteously, show to anyone that isn’t in pain is this: YOU dear sweat sister/brother sand-paper, are terribly shallow, barley educated, lacking in grace, or simple human kindness.  You expose the depth of your insecurity.  You reveal weakness of your character–for you are only self concerned. There is NO reason to shame or belittle others choices–especially those YOU know are striving to better themselves.  You can share your opinion on a subject without making others feel STUPID about what they believe.

I do not understand how so many feel they must correct any person they believe are doing the “WRONG” thing — even if we ASK you what you think.  There is NO need to be harsh or unkind.  There is no reason AT ALL!  The reason people ask questions is to learn different ways to accomplish a goal.   Normally, people ask such questions because their journey has derailed and what they planned for has failed.  They are weak, and bruised–you must be so very weak to need to harm such a person.  I mean really … can’t a person ask a simple question without the butt-wipes coming out in force to assert their superiority over all others.  GAG!  I have let you see into my soul.  You have been warned.  Now, You KNOW–just because I choose to smile in your face when you spout this garbage at me–what I think of people who do this (small, weak, lacking in character, uneducated, and self absorbed).  I will pray for you to get understanding without great suffering, not because I am better than you, because I’m not (since I would like to stomp a mud hole in you and walk it dry–kinda hard for me to think highly of myself), but I want mercy for us both and for the people you might harm with your carless words.

We are all seeking for health and happiness.  Not all of us have the same conditions in our bodies and there is rarely ONE plan-that-fits-all.  Can the strong women and men step to the front and help me cheer our fellows on? Come on strong people unite.  Lets allow people to find their OWN way to health.  Allowing each person the chance to make all the same dumb mistakes that many have made getting to a better healthier way of living … without trying to make them feel stupid for the journey.  We might just learn something good in the process … just maybe.  Kindness never hurt anyone … that I am aware of.



6 thoughts on “Blowin’ Raspberries at Cha

    I have been off the grid since my husband got sick but I had to jump in and tell you how much I adore you and appreciate you telling it like it is!!!

      • I miss you and this wonderful blog community. Very rough year as my husband recovered from a bad surgery only for docs to feel that he most likely has the early stages of frontal temporal lobe dementia. This year brought a stress induced 40 lb weight gain and I wallowed in pity of being a “failure”. Ready to take back my life. 🙂

      • Hang tough my friend. I gained about 45. I’ve been working my ass off–yet it is still hangin around. I am so sorry to hear about your husband. That is heartbreaking news.

  2. I love the rant, and anyone who irritates you, surely irritates me, but now to the picture. That looks like an expensive piece of art, and if you put it in a frame and hung it in your living room, who knows what price people would offer you for it,

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