It’s F-Bomb Friday!! Yea!!


Yea … don’t I look so happy. 😀

Yea … I said F-Bomb Friday … I know you are waiting with bated breath for today’s rant … now, that there are words on the page.  Actually, this post could better be titled: WHAT NOT TO DO when your see this kind of expression.

I’m Diabetic as many of you know–and a host of other lovely issues as well.  But that is for another day.  As a Type II Diabetic you are not supposed to experience huge blood sugar drops on the medications that I take.  I say supposed because I do.  I can only guess that the info/person pool they used to compile this claim.  Their conclusion must have been conducted on people who are not very active — or I am just weird — which is very possible.

I work very hard to NEVER get into a position where I am without food or glucose tablets to assure that I do not go postal on folks. Behaving as though I am a raving lunatic can be extremely hazardous to ones health and reputation.  I really am not homicidal when I get this way, but I am sure that if you heard me dropping the M’n, F’n, and SOB’n words to describe getting a sandwich you would feel strongly confident that I was of a murderous intent.  Given that I LIke people, and do not wish to appear as though I am a homicidal maniac — not a great way to make friends or have a successful business I might add — I go to great lengths to ensure that these moments of humiliation are very far and few between.

Why have I gone to such lengths to explain all this?  Thank you so much for asking … because I had such a moment, or several moments yesterday, both leading up to and following my paddle board towing experience.  Yea!

Get ready we are gonna rumble … or hear about how I beat myself up yesterday … promise it wall get back to where I started with the blood sugar and F-Bombs!

bike rig 1

This is the apparatus of my pain and blood sugar crashes.

I will start by saying I love my apparatus of torture, but it was very torturous yesterday.  Mikey bought me this for our anniversary — NO, he wasn’t in trouble for this gift I asked for this so that I could pull my paddle board to the beach, and NOT have to Wait for HIM to take me.  It attaches to the back wheel of my bike.  It is amazing and I will tell you all about it another day.  I woke up well rested yesterday, knowing that the beach was going to be perfect, and I was going to have a long morning to paddling ahead of me.  HAHAHAHAH … little did she know!  I had taken apart the handle for better storage — simple and easy quick release … hahahahahahaha

The simple and easy attachment.

The simple and easy attachment.

The beginning of my torture, it started simple enough when I detached it, but it was anything but simple to re-attach.  My hands were killing me by the time I was through, and I was afraid I had awoken the neighborhood with my loud profane mouth.  It is very hard to hold two pipes and one clamp all in alignment to put the quick release bolt back into place.  I guess if you are a guy or had three hands it would work well.  I had neither and struggled to get it attached.  Success was achieved after much struggle and cursing, and pinching, and jamming, and whining.  Only, I had put the blasted thing on upside down.  I had to start over.  Shockingly, more cursing erupted.  More pain followed.  I was completely wiped out by the time I got the thing on right side up.  I was so miffed I almost decided not to go, but after I had worked for two hours to get the blasted thing attached I was going.


This is how the rig looks when you are peddling down the road.

The rig comes with a quick release attachment that stays on the bike … for “easy access.”  Easy if you are a guy.  Easy if you don’t have your basket on the bike and loaded with crap for the ride to the beach.  I managed it with quite a bit more cursing, a leg scrape and bruises, that I will spare you a picture of … aren’t I sweet.  I was determined that I was going to get my sorry-bruised-ticked-off-and-worn-out butt down to the beach with my paddle board.  The ride over went pretty smooth, I even had a guy slow down honk and give me a thumbs up for my rig on the way there.  I was feeling pretty good about myself at that moment.

I managed to get it un-attached pretty easy.  Locked up my bike to more fan-fair of an elderly couple who were very impressed with my get up.  Had many people checking it out and wanting to know about it.  Again, I am feeling pretty good about me–which helped my beaten and bruised body keep moving.  I even impress myself with a better handle Idea to give me better leverage to drag the rig with my towel bag and cooler down to the beach through the sand … while chatting with people asking questions.  I was pretty tired, but excited and proud of myself that I came out.  Mike was cheering me on all the way … even through my fits earlier.

See how beautiful the water is??

See how beautiful the water is?? Don’t be lookin’ at how chubby I am!

The paddling goes pretty good … I enjoyed the beautiful clear water … watching the fish and the multitude of sand dollars that littered the gulf floor.  The pic above was of a different day.  My water-safe camera wasn’t charged so I didn’t get to get a pics of the sand dollars.  Then …..

I load up after my fun time.  I remember to take the kickstand off–yea me–and I was able to pull it up the slight hill from the beach.  IT FELT LIKE A mountain.  Mind you I have eaten between paddles and just before I go to lug my stuff up the hill, but by the time I manage to make it up the hill–I’m shaking.  I had quite the challenge getting the bike and rig re-attached.  F’n quick release my BACKSIDE (only I used different words).  I get the thing on.  I have to ride on the road because there are too many pedestrians on the path, and I knew I didn’t have energy to handle flying over the handlebars because they weren’t paying attention.   I peddle as hard as I can so the cars won’t be upset, but the wind has shifted and is driving down the street head on into my weary body.  OH NO!

I turn down a side street to get a bit of a break, and then I have to head back into the wind to get to my street, before I can turn out of the wind again.  Thankfully it is a short ride, but I promise you my legs were burning so bad I was not sure how I was going to make it.  I get home.  Mike has been on the phone with me the whole time–he was a touch worried about me because of how tired I was getting to the head of the beach before riding home.  When I am this tired and my blood sugar this low — I drop everything.  I run into everything.  I get hurt A LOT.  I don’t have energy to be NICE.  What’s the big deal …  I’m by myself, right?  Well, not exactly.

You see, I called my neighbor, who I LOVE, to let her know I would be down at the beach and asked her to call 911 if I didn’t come back.   I also called Mike the same way.  I kept in touch with Mike, but I kept getting phone Calls and forgot in my tired haze to call my beloved friend.  She was getting worried.  It wasn’t late, but she was worried.  She heard me cursing, and popped her head over the fence to asked if I was ok.  I cursed again, and said if I could just stop harming myself I would be great!  She then proceeded to scold me for not calling her, because she had been worried.  OK ….  Understand I love that she was upset and concerned about me …. Keep that in mind with what I say next.

I saw RED.  I hope my face did not show it.  You saw the pic I took–that was after I got in the house.  I’m not sure I did a good job of being nice.  I will talk with her later today–just to make sure.  I kept reminding myself, Shonnie, she’s a sweetie.  Don’t say anything … YOU are hungry.  Don’t say anything you are hungry!  I kept biting my lip–its sore today.  I drug my board and rig around the side of the house and went inside as fast as I could.  I looked for food, because I was crazy-mad-hungry. I was shaking.  There was nothing quick–but I found some tuna and made a sandwich.  Not sexy, but it did the trick.  I had done everything I could to NOT get into this position, but I had no reference base–in the future I will have a candy bar or something equally fun for the ride home ready to go.  I really don’t like cursing random strangers on vacation who behave as though they no brain in their heads, and are completely un-aware cuz they are on VACA.  This does happen, thankfully not often, if I haven’t prepared food properly and I can’t find any.  I called Mike and vented with him so that I wouldn’t say anything to my sweet neighbor who cares about me.

Try to keep in mind — if you have a friend or family member who is diabetic — if they have just exerted themselves–hard, give them a bit of space and time to find some food before you try to correct a behavior.  It is super hard to control anger or comments when your blood sugar drops that low.  I personally hate dealing with this.  Just something to think about when you are out and about with folks … if they haven’t eaten — you are liable to get bitten.  YIKES!  I apologize in advance.

Now, I gotta go clean up my F’n mess!  Gotta love life — and I DO!

Oh … and P.S.  I did feel really bad that I forgot to call her in my super tired state.  I don’t like to worry folks ever.

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