Chillin in the rain.


Waiting for the rain …

All my company has left the beach … as I sit typing the rain has arrived in full thunderstorm force.  I love listening to the sound of the rain and the waves crashing on the beach.  The gulf has little surf except in stormy weather.  I live two blocks from the beach and get to enjoy the sounds if I am in the mood to go out on the porches.  Today the rain is to forceful to sit on the front so we have moved to the back in an effort to remain dry.  They have changed wordpress while I have been out of touch and I have no idea how to size my pictures.  So you will be getting them in a large format until I do.  😀


Poppi and Sophie

We had a flow of children and grand-children over the past few weeks.  It has been wonderful.  I had been away so much over the past few months that I was sorely missing their beautiful faces.  The grand boys came first, but somehow this pic of Popi and Sophie got tagged first and I am not sure how to correct this.  I will work on another post later and see how all this works.  We had fun at the beach with each kiddo and fun at home with each kiddo.


Popi and Sean

Sean likes to jump and bounce and giggle constantly.  He is such a happy fat baby.  He is so much fun.  I have a hard time holding him for any length of time.  I did force myself to manage it multiple times a day.  😀


Sean having fun on the beach.

See what I mean.  Such a happy critter!  You would have to hold him … even if it did make your arms hurt like mine did.


It’s my Will! 😀

He had such a great time playing in this pool.  I have a video of it.  He watered everything on the back patio.  I love it when he would pour the water out and say SWEET!  ahahaha!  Grand babies are such fun.


Me with my paddle boy rig! Aren’t I cool??

I love my rig.  Sadly, we chipped my board with Mike’s board on one of these trips dragging it to the beach.  I was heartbroken. 😦  I seriously love paddle boarding.  I love that I drag my board with my bike too.  Since I love biking–this is so amazing because I get to do both!  😀


Bad girl pic with my grand-girle, but you have to share anyway.

I love hangin with my grands.  We took Sophie girl to the store and then to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts as part of our date night.


Onnie and Steve. They were celebrating Seven years of marriage.

Somehow, I loaded some of these out of order, but again … not sure how to go back and repair.  We watched Sophia so that Onnie and Steve could have some time out and about.  Tried to do that for Will and Sheilia, but they wouldn’t/couldn’t go for longer than an hour.  haha.


My Collin Boo turns 19. WOW

We knew we would miss his birthday … so we planned a day at the air museum with Collin for his 19th Birthday.  He LOVED the Blue Angle show.  It was great.  Collin loved his birthday adventure and then he asked for a sketch book.  So … we went out and got that with pencils and a book about how to do things for him to start trying his hand at sketching.  🙂


Sophie girl at the Gulairium (SP?)

It is a weird spelling for the Gulf Aquarium here … but that is close enough.  Popi had left with Collin for Birmingham.  So it was wonderful to have my Sophie girl to hang out with … Mommy and Daddy went out on a fishing trip … so they hooked us up with money to go to the Aquarium.  We had a blast!!  Sophia even got a chance to “fish” really it was feeding the fish, but she was still upset when they got away.  😀


Girls Week

Mikey was gone … but Sue to the rescue.  My good friend Sue came to visit me at the beach while Mike was away.  We shopped till we dropped … we hit every thrift store along the coast.  It was AMAZING.  I usually have to go to the shopping by myself … I must say having a partner in crime is much more pleasant.  We did find some treasures.  FUN TIMES!  We also ate a lot of good food and drank a lot of good wine and beer.  I also grabbed some quality time with a high school buddy who lives here in Destin as well.  Friends … they make life GRAND!

I have to say … I am so ready for a light ‘n lean couple of weeks in the food department.  I am not happy that I will have to give up some of my fruit stuff, but it will make me feel better in the long run … who knows … I might just lose some weight.  😀  After three weeks of eating and drinking, I NEED a break.  I need a cleansing.  Just feel over stuffed.  I’m pretty excited about getting back to life as usual.  I enjoyed my play time and I am enjoying my work time.  Can’t beat that with a stick… now can you??  I’m pleased as I can be with me right now.  😀

I am trying a new thing that is supposed to help with my blood sugars–which could lead to weight loss.  I will keep you guys posted.  😀





6 thoughts on “Chillin in the rain.

  1. The picture your words bring to life is only greatly enhanced by the embracing smiles in all of the pictures you have shared. I love the rain also, as it relaxes my spirit also making the creative juices flow. I glad you had a wonderful time. God bless you and your family! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Love those beautiful pictures! I’ve been a horrible blog friend this year, hope to get better as time goes on. Looks like you are loving life right now, and that is a very good thing. take care! And thanks for commenting on my blog, girl!

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