Becoming Wonder Woman Part 2

Playing footsie watching the sun set.

Playing footsie watching the sun set.

Well … I tried to correct that last post, but it was not to be.

I am sure you are wondering how being at the beach has anything to do with becoming Wonder Woman.  It’s simple … not a darn thing.  There was supposed to be much more to the topic of “Becoming Wonder Woman” than actually made it to my previous post.

So what does “Becoming Wonder Woman” mean?  It is a state of mind.  A place to dwell.  Wonder Woman of the TV series–I am by no means an expert on the comics, but I do know how the show made me feel as a girl.  She was strong, confident, beautiful, curvy, and empowered.  I liked that.  Not that I can–or exactly want to be–as lean as she was, but the idea of her.  The Strength of her.  The confidence of her.  The beauty of her.  I want to feel empowered in my life.  My husband and family tell me that I am beautiful at any size–I’m going to run with that.  If you don’t happen to think fat girls are pretty, then bugger off with your sad-silly self.  I haven’t got any room for your negativity.


She was very strong physically.  I plan to rebuild my strength.  I may not be super-human, but I will be an AMAZING ME.  I am pretty confident that my strength will rebuild without too much difficulty–even though it has been months.  I expect fast gains.

Her strength wasn’t just of the body, but of the mind, will and emotions.  Most of you that have followed me for a while know that I have a fair amount of mental strength, but setback after setback has a way of taking a toll on ones mental stamina and attitude.  As per my usual self, I had to get to a place where I could shake that off.  There have been so many emotional battles over the past year.  I have felt overcome by waves of assault.  There have been times I felt that I could drown.  It is a darn good thing that I am a STRONG swimmer mentally and physically–I am fat and know how to use that to my advantage by float–even mentally.  More on mentally floating later.


I think confidence is self-explanatory–if you are confident in yourself you have a much better chance at getting where you want to be in life–period.  A self-possessed disposition attracts positive people in your life.  Having can-do-people around you keeps your mind open to the possibilities.  As Mikey likes to say — confidence is sexy — you know he is right.  He says that because I was attracted to him when he was young and a tad dorky, because of his own personal self-assurance–promise I won’t share those pics Mikey.  😉

–sometimes you end up with a lot of general info that worked for –even your positive friends– being thrown at you.  That just might not work in your case.  Won’t be true for your body.  Don’t worry if you don’t fit the general mold.  It doesn’t mean you are a loser–just a touch more interesting to work with.  Don’t get discouraged.  I know it is hard not too, but you are worth the effort.  Just sayin’ …


Beauty is a state of mind as well.  You can be fit and practically perfect and see yourself ugly.  I have to rely on my family’s view of me and not the worlds ideal of beautiful.  I have to be beautiful … Me.  I have to LIKE me.  Believe I am worthy–because being a woman of a certain size makes me INVISIBLE to a lot of people.  Excuse me for the bad words — but they can bite my ass and move on over with their judgmental selves.  It would not be wise to stand too long with your nasty looks or words–cuz I could be having a low blood sugar moment and your pretty ugly face could be in danger of a smack.  Just a warning.  😄😁


This one is more mental than you might think.  Wonder Woman was very curvy.  Kinda hard to be that curvy without a boob job–which I wouldn’t be opposed to if I got super slim–but that is WHOLE other post.  Back on track here.  Mental curviness.  For me this is about accepting the realistic shape of my body.  I can get slight, but my natural shape is curvy, and after being so heavy the best look for me is a touch more curves, than the super slim media ideal.  The slimmer me caused skin shock.  Sagging baggin skin–MESSED with my mind.  Tellin’ the truth here.

Then there is MIKEY.  Mikey doesn’t like skinny girls.  Or even svelte girls.  He would rather that I body build than be skinny.  The man likes curves–even if it comes in the form of muscles.  Since he likes me anyway I come — I tend ta give they guy what he likes … when I can.


I think all women want to feel empowered.  Nothing is worse than feeling helpless.  I am not much of a victim kinda gal.  I get fighting mad when I feel cornered with a no-win situation.  Thus the reason for the blog title.

There is so much more to say on empowerment, BUT this is getting long WINDED … guess I will write more later.  Don’t wanna fry your brains.  I will leave you with some whimsy.



Our Saturday playtime activity.

May all your dreams come true

May all your dreams come true





6 thoughts on “Becoming Wonder Woman Part 2

  1. I’ve always thought you were a ‘Wonder women’ from the time I first came across your Blog, and now I think of you all as a ‘Wonder Family’ who battle their fair share of troubles and then some, but always manage to pitch up for another go at those Windmills of Life. I too love the sandcastle. “Its a bleedin marvel luv” as we say here, but then you must have known that already

  2. Shonnie you are a gifted writer. I am trying to pull myself up this week and follow all your advise above. Hard month for me with my birthday and wedding anniversary. These are all things I would celebrate with Dick in many small ways. Now I am trying to remember and celebrate because he would want me too. I am blessed with so many true friends but no one can take the place of the joy he brought. When you talk about Mikey I totally understand what kind of joy brings to your life. Blessings. Nancy

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