Yea … I’m rockin’ this!


Oh … Yeah!

 I know you are so jealous.  Don’t lie!!  You know you wish you looked this amazing in a facial mask.  Mikey is coming home and I wanted my skin to look beyond fabulous … Ok … better.  Since I decided to wax my face before he got home too … and broke out in welps all over my poor face.  I hope that I don’t regret this move as well.

I am workin’ my sexy all the way.  Or something.

Thankfully, Mikey is brain deranged and thinks I look amazing with gross hair (✔️ on that one today).  No makeup (✔️).  In cruddy clothes … don’t wanna give ya nightmares so I will stop there … Gonna try to look cute today.  

Sometimes you just gotta laugh at life and all the dorky things you end up doing.

I made good food.  I have good wine.  I got the best guy.  I think I am pretty set.  

Yeah, I got some angry things I could talk about … like how bad my gut is poking out, but I think I am just too HAPPY that Mikey is coming home to ME today!  So … I’ma gonna leave all my weight loss moves and groves for another day.

Blessings Y’all!

Oh … and P. S.  I am not sure how to get the spell check thingy to work on this new app so forgive the boo boos.  Laters.

4 thoughts on “Yea … I’m rockin’ this!

    • Me too … except as it turned out … he kept me awake with his snoring and threw off my whole workout routine and these days that is a disaster! Still, super glad he came home and we have been together ever since.

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