Whaz UPPP……????????


Bad, BAD, Bad Boo-Boo Ouchy

I was on a writing roll and then …. ILLNESS STRUCK ME AGAIN! I was so angry. I have struggled or the better part of a year and a half with one illness or another … I AM STICK of BEING SICK or injured.

As bad as having one filling, a sinus infection, and a root canal is–and the pain that accompanies this has been over the past 10 days or so, and STILL is–I think I am on the mend.

I have been having health issues and fatigue issues for the past year and a half. No matter what I try or do I have just been dragging. Nothing has been coming up on my tests … UNTIL this. I kept getting sinus stuff. First a sinus infection, that lead to acute sinusitis requiring two rounds of antibiotics to get better, but was starting to come back about Thursday or Friday of the Fourth Week/weekend–ruining my party time. ALL my teeth hurt in my head–so I booked a DENTIST appointment just to make sure that the problems weren’t tooth related. Turns out I have had a VERY serious tooth issue.  

Bad teeth can cause heart problems–and my BP was staying elevated–so I thought I had better make sure. I am glad I did!! DANG — I hadn’t been to the dentist in three years. This is how I kicked my own self in the REAR and derailed my own health and WEIGHT. I have been dragging so bad for so long with NO energy–all could have been avoided with a trip to the dentist.

So … here I am … a fat girl again! All because of a few bad med calls, two injuries, multiple illnesses, and mistakes on my own part. It SUCKS!   How did I deal with this?  I decided that my body is boo-boo’d and my mouth is in pain on both sides top and bottom–I ate whatever the BLANK I wanted (and could manage to chew), and did so with joy and absoulutly NO GUILT!

I am fat in my body, but not my mind. Thankfully, I didn’t go the full ride back to super fat, but Dang it this is going to take work to turn around. Still, I am encouraged, and feel like I just might be on the right path to getting my health and fitness back for good–AND THAT SOUNDS AMAZING!

Why am I so encouraged?  Well …. I don’t know … but I am!  So I am gonna work it!

Tip for the week: Go to the dentist regularly!

See ya on the flip side …


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