Pathetic and Proud!


Yeah … I’m braggin’ on my whipmy workout!

I have done workouts daily over the past three days. It started with 20 squats, and 10 kettle bells. That moved the next day to balancing on my bosu ball, throwing my medicine ball, and running on the trampoline. Yesterday, I ran longer, balanced on the bosu ball on one leg and practiced my paddle boarding with a broom, and did more kettle bells. These are super sad workouts, but I am SO PROUD of myself for doing them!


Love the little buggers for staying on the ball!

 You can see how sad my faces is … well you can sort of see it. I am very awkward right now and am having problems taking photo’s while moving. My face looks sad because I am still in a lot of pain. My lymph nodes are very swollen from all the poison from my bad teeth and Sinuses. Every day I am a little better, but not nearly as fast as I would like. Chewing is still a challenge as my mouth is super sore and slightly raw. Can I tell you that I am NOT excited about getting my crown made for this tooth. YUCK … more soreness!

Love walking on the beach even when it is gray out!

We are going back to work on the Gulf Coast, so will be able to get out and walk or ride my bike early in the morning and do one or the other at night. Which, I KNOW will feel GREAT to my stiff body! I hope to be back up to speed from visiting the Trainer Nazi in B’ham again soon and to start back up with my new trainer friend in Destin–they are both at TRAINER MAINA in Atlanta right now—the pictures look fun and FRIGHTENING. Just sayin!


Even though some of this might not be clean to you — a lot depends on the ingredents. Shooting for lower carbs –so no breading. I eat carbs in my veggies.

Mike and I are both going to go on a clean eating kick–as he has gained a rather large bump in his belly to go with all my fat. My husband works pretty hard and does a lot of physical things and NORMALLY does NOT have this problem. BUT … it has been MONTHS since I felt like cooking. We have been relying on what Mike felt like cooking, or what was easy to make, or what we could order out. NOT what we would typically eat if I were cooking. I have come up with some fun crock pot meal ideas that I think will take us to the next and better level–also, I am able to chew salads again. I am hoping this will help us both with our bellies, and well with my all over body fat.

Yes, I am pathetic and proud! Proud of myself that I am moving. Proud of myself that I have not given up. I am strangely optimistic–for the first time in over a YEAR! 

   It did not help my mood that my phat boys moved back to Alaska with their parents–I miss them all Terribly. They are happy, and that makes me happy, but I am still sad they are so far away.

You can’t see all the work we did at one time, but this part did take the longest. My daughter and I made all the wooden bar tables from wood that was to be thrown away.

For more than a year I have felt overwhelmed and beat down. Emotionally drained of all motivation. During one of my medically induced weight gains, I had a serious bout of depression–medically induced depression. The doctors changed my thyroid hormone, they lowered it, I gained 30 pounds and was having horrible depression, the depression set in before the weight gain–and was out of control bad when I did gain the weight. This was a WRONG medication move that we corrected, but not before it wreaked havoc on my body and emotions. All this right smack dab in the middle of working on the deck for my daughters wedding. I have to tell you it was wearing me completely OUT! 


You can sort of see both sides … sort of. You and see a glimpse of the table I created from scraps of trashed wood.

I sit massaging my whole head and neck (my lymphatic system) several times a day I am encouraged. That once this is past, I should be seriously on the road to recovery. I cannot tell you how excited I am. I was beginning to wonder if I would EVER bounce back! 

See ya … gotta go load up for the drive down.


9 thoughts on “Pathetic and Proud!

  1. You are beautiful ! Keep kicking ! 🌺❤️🌺❤️🌺❤️❤️

  2. The deck is GORGEOUS!!! I wish I were crafty like that hahaha. Crock pot meals are a lifesaver l, especially during these warmer months. I have found a lot of go to meals that are high in protein and not too high in fat or carbs. I’d love to exchange recipes!

  3. Congratulations on hoping back on the good health bus! I have been stagnant on weight watchers for some time. A personal trainer, in training to be a physical therapist and a former Tarheels top basketball players told me no matter how much exercise I do it is all in the diet. Exercise is good for the heart but not necessarily a weight loss. I am down 20 lbs but stuck would love to loose another 20 lbs. Keep trying, that is what counts. Great on the balancing. I know that takes great core muscles!

    • Thanks Nancy. I have never gotten off the bus, just had a BUNCH of setbacks. The past two weeks I have been completely dependent on the hubs to make food–and he just does easy–haha! I understand the food issue, but I have to exercise in order for my body to process foods correctly. I also have to exercise so that am able to just plain walk.

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