Yum … mie!!

Did you miss me??? I have been super busy cooking. And not just smoothies. I have been making juices, and smoothies to help me get a boost to my system most days. This smoothie was today’s greenie. My smoothies are not low cal smoothies. This one has Dandelion greens, cucumber, apple, 6 frozen grapes, 1/4 orange +peel, parsley, and frozen avocado so it is a bit fatty, but not bad, and it is HUGE! Score!

 I made all kinds of blended foods like the salmon.

Blended Salmon and Dill …. ok cheese too

 I started feeling better and food got on my mind. I’ve been crockpot cooking for the hubs. HE LOVES it! We had Ginger pork, then blended Ginger Pork with yummy cheeses. Then, Blended Salmon and Dill.  Lemon pepper chicken, Spicy Hawaian Pizza Sauce and Spagetti Squash.  And Lastly, we had Pot Roast (in the crockpot) with veggies ‘n beef short ribs to added in for flavor! I use oxtail for that sock-it-to-you flavor punch–think BONE BROTH! Yeah!


My Lemon Pepper Crockpot Chicken Breast

I think of taking pictures after I am eating! hahaha. I get so excited. You would too if you had been on living on  a steady diet of Mikey food–boxed and fried foods. If you know me at all, you KNOW I love my Mikey! BUT … I was totally SICK of Mikey’s food options. Again, I LOVE Mikey, but he is terrible when it comes to thinking of what to eat! He depends on me to tell him what he wants–and if I can’t–it comes from a box, canned, its fried, or it is take out.  He can NEVER tell me what I want. He gets too easily frustrated, Ok, so I can be picky–still I have meltdowns when I can’t think of what to eat, because neither can he. So we eat the same blankin’ foods over and over again. I get sick of take out FAST!  I rarely want foods from a box.  I ALWAYS want french fries–so you can see how we get into trouble fast when I am too sick to cook.


Spicy Hawaian Pizza Sauce and Spagetti Squash

Mikey cooks pretty well. He is just not very imaginative. If I can come up with our food choice, and it isn’t too complicated, he can and will do everything to make it happen–with a little supervision. He is always game for helping me–and he hates it when I am gimpy and he has to make it all. We work super well together and he can grill like a boss–I just have to be the girl with the plan or we get stuck.
So, as you can see I have been lost in food heaven–Mike is walking around with a huge grin.  Now, I just have to come up with a few more fun crockpot Ideas for us to munch on.  Loving the whole meal in a pot deal right now.  I am still recovering my strength so I can get wiped out easy.  But this has been fun so far.

Alright … talk to me.  You got any fun and healthy crockpot meals for me to try? Share already!


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