Goin to the Doctor …. YUCK!!!!!


 I hate going to the doctor.  I really hate it when they change and move away and I have to get used to a NEW person.  I don’t like getting used to new doctors.  It makes me nuts!

I have been having a real draggy week.  Thus mon silence … that and all the blanking cooking I have been doing.  My body is in revolt.  It keeps telling me that I am abusing it.  I know it will get over my food choice switches.  

 The food has been good … but labor intensive.  I wanted to adjust the size of this photo, but alas WP is having issues.  Royal Red Shrimp fresh out of the gulf and Mikey’s Pico.


 I have made lots of green and red juices.  Which are AMAZING, but very labor intensive.  Very well worth the efforts!!

I tried a new toy and I loved the results very much like real spagetti without all the heavy carbs that my body doesn’t process well, but loves.  I have been working on making a bunch of pre-made and frozen meals for yummy freshness without always having to cook constantly.  This takes time and it seems ALL my brain power.

One of my quick go-to meals when my brain is fried from whatever … these are grassfed beef dogs that are not cured–means less junk.  They are really good, but I am still a regular dog girl–and yeah I know they are complete CRAP, but they are my favs if I am gonna have a dog.  Still, this works for keeping the cals down and not nearly as much processed junk.


I’ve been crockpotting meals prep.  I have also done roast beef.  I use a bunch of herbs (from my garden) to give it my food a flavor boost.  Since I am adding NO fat at this time–one sighs and groans from sorrow.  I know that this won’t last forever, but in my opinion food tastes best with a touch of FAT.  Haha.

This is more my idea of a great way to eat my chicken smothered in AVOCADO!!!!  Seriously though, I am loving the crockpot chicken shreds and beef shreds.  Once I get this down better I will share more.  Right now I am working on meal plans.  A way to make BULK meals but be able to change them up so that I don’t get bored.  

Thanks for helping me get my mind off of going to the doctor.  I really hate getting on the SCALE!  I won’t look.  Mikey will so I don’t have too.  I am blesed that way!


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