How do you feel about Quikies … or NOT???

hahahaha … what did you think I was talking about??  did you come here looking for SEX???  Hahaha … I know I am bad, but I am pretty good with my being bad!  

I am talking about Food Quickies.

I haven’t been in a mood to MAKE glamorous gourmet meals–I wanna eat them, but don’t want to work at it.

I have been eating some amazing meals, but I have so little appetite for much.  I have had quite the tummy issue.  Making enjoying food very difficult.  Given my tummy issues one might think I would have lost weight …. BUT NO … I gained two pounds????????????  Still waiting to hear back from  my doc about what possible things might be wrong that might be repaired.


Green juice

I have drank many glasses of invigorating green juice to help with my nutrient absorbtion.  It is a good thing that I am actually FOND of this form of juice.  I won’t lie that I don’t like the sweeter versions, but I am fond of green juices.  They make me feel much more energized within the hour of partaking.  And, in-spite of claims made, that drinking ones veggies gets rid of vital fiber that keep you full–I find myself extremely satiated and less hungry and FAR less cravings from having consumed my veggies in this particular manner.  I also find that when my tummy is giving me fits this is about all that will sit on it without griping me.


Lettuce wrap sandwiches

One of the easiest ways to get my lunch on when food will sit on the tummy.

I do like using chicken and beef stir-fry meals makes for a great quick meal.  Quick is super important these days.  I have made up some crockpot meals  that help, but sometimes are sorta dry.

Zuck n grassfed dog stir

I do loovvvee a good salad.   

Citrus n beef mixture salad


Taco/cirus Salad — one of my FAVS. I put the just on the cutting board from the orange all over the salad! YUM!

I forgot to take pics of my chicken salads, but they were pretty good too.  

I found it a touch trying to think and write with my tummy bug — so I am super glad that most of the issues have past.  I think the iron I was taking didn’t like my tummy much, but there does seem to be a bug going around.  Hoping — WHATEVER — was bugging me is GONE.  I don’t have time to feel like crud.

What do you all think about my quickie meals?

Blessings y’all.

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