Waiting on a gray day

My parents are up from Jackson for a doctor visit. I am sitting at Kirckland Klinic listening to piano music and enjoying the downtown UAB view.  Yes, it’s grey or is it gray–I’m never quite sure, but I am enjoying the atrium.  I am wishing that I had brought my pad, it would have been so much easier to have written you guys. 

I always enjoy hanging with my parents. I am, I should say WE–as in my whole family–are trying to convince them to relocate to Birmingham so that we can see them more often. I know I’d love it. 

Don’t cha think life is just too short NOT to spend it with those we love? Wish me well on convincing my Dad. Haha. 


One thought on “Waiting on a gray day

  1. Yes, it’s great to spend time with family. I really miss my family (having moved a whole country away from them). But I make sure to visit twice a year–and it makes the time together oh so precious because I don’t see them every day!

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