The Joy and Defeat of New Technology


My new iPhone is big as a slice of Toast.

 I have a NEW phone.  It is both a joy and a pain.

I LOVE that I do not have to wear glasses to read the small print … I can just enlarge it and not have to scroll back and forth like a typewritter to read something without specks.  What I don’t LOVE is having to remember all my FLIPPIN passwords on all my FLIPPIN’ apps.  I have tried to get them all down, but sometimes you Just plain forget and have to set everything up all over again.


I am sorta smokin right now … my brain is on Fire!

I tried to load a gif right here and well … I gave up because my brain is Techno tired.  I don’t want to learn anything new right now.  I have been banging my head into the wall trying to restore my order–all stored in my PHONE–to what I call my life.  It makes me emotional. I want to EAT BREAD and CHIPS and have copious sips of wine.  

Why is this stressful?

We lived quite well before our phones were in our lives.  Didn’t we?  I mean I used to remember phone numbers, I took notes, wrote things on a Calendar, and just plain remembered stuff.  NOW, I play a game on my phone to make sure I don’t lose too much of my memory–because, irony of ironies, we use a device to remember everything–and we have to exercise our memories from lack of use!!

Oh well … such is life … and I love my phone if I could just remember my passwords all would be well in my world.  I think I am bout to hop on my bike and go for a ride about the beach hood!  Love it down here … soothing to my soul.



4 thoughts on “The Joy and Defeat of New Technology

  1. I hear you, but remember this (if nothing else): you are creating new pathways in your brain as you learn the new technology. So you may not remember phone numbers and appointments, but you remember how to program your phone. You lose some things and gain others. It’s life! 😉

  2. Dou you still have your old phone? Or did you transfer everything to the new phone? Looks like an iPhone which is what I have. If so, go to settings. Choose safari. Choose passwords. And there they all are. Hope it helps.

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