Amazing Fragrance

Yesterday, violent storms rolled in off the gulf of Mexico. One bad little swirling-tornado-ish cloud rolled over us requiring a brief stay in the closet. When we finally came out of the closet, it wasn’t a long stay, we were blessed to find our little slice of heaven had been spared any damage. The day remained cloudy and gray. Mike had to stay in and work from home because it was just too dangerous to travel unless absolutely necessary. I have to say I enjoyed having him around all day! 😀 

Blue Skies After the Storm

Today, quite the opposite of yesterday, blue skies–not so much for Mikey. Mike had to make up for lost time by doing some actual manual labor–he is still building up our territory so that he can hire workers–almost there. Poor baby ended up with the truck overheating. For an hour we talked on the phone as he babied the truck to an exit where he was able to asses the damage–a busted radiator. Thankfully, he ended up on an exit with a parts place close by and he was able to get the whole thing wrapped up and back in business within the hour.  


My little spot in the sun … it was sunny earlier.

 After our fun morning, I went outside and stood on our brick patio looked up and smiled. I decided to take a moment to enjoy the beautiful blue sky. I laid me down on the lounge chair to soak up some of the lovely sunshine. As I stretched out my arms brushed the basil and rosemary planted in my raised beds that frame the patio. I close my eyes and breathe deeply, I sigh with satisfied joy. The sun felt wonderful on my skin the smell was so soothing to my soul — haha — so soothing in fact, that somewhere between the deep breathing joy I passed clean out. 

Who knew I was even tired? My serendipitous nap was absolutely deliriously delicious. I awoke refreshed, and ready to get back to my work–ok–so I snuck in here to write to you all. Hehehe. This isn’t exactly work, but it feels good.  Was it the amazing fragrance?  Was it the sunshine?  Or was it just that my tired body responded to all the amazing refreshing stimulus by deciding I needed to stop and rest?  I don’t know exactly, but I am gonna go with the latter and revel in this productive moment — AND just go ahead and FEEL good.  I am going to run with feeling GOOD, and pretend that my diet hasn’t stalled, and that I am not as fat as I feel.  

 Yep, that’s what I am gonna do, I am just gonna FEEL AMAZING a roll with that!

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