The Angry Fat Woman Arises

For like the 500 million-th time!

Yes, the ANGRY FAT WOMAN is FAT AGAIN!!!!!!!! 
I am over 200 pounds–not gonna tell you exactly how much, don’t ask that is rude 😜–from 160. I am pissed. I am angry. I am going for broke yet again. I kept it off for about 2 to 3 years, before one setback or another caused things to reverse themselves. I have been working on it and LOSING the battle, but not the weight.

I decided F it. I am gonna get my fat A out there and bust it yet again.

I have not figured out if I am crazy or just an optimist. Probably both. I think I am worth fighting for so I will keep trying and pressing in. So far NO doctor has been able to help me figure out why I gain weight so rapidly–I guess that just means this will be my forever struggle.  
That leaves me being the toughest, fittest fat woman you know. I have decided that I am not going to let the knuckle heads who speak crap stop me from having a great life in my fat suit. 
 I am gonna go do all the things FAT women aren’t supposed to do.  

  • I am gonna enjoy my Food.
  • I am gonna enjoy my Drink.
  • I am gonna enjoy looking like stuffed sausage in my bike clothes–this one will be a struggle.
  • I am gonna enjoy sitting on the beach in my fat suit.
  • I am gonna enjoy paddle boarding with my fat self on the board.
  • I am gonna enjoy hanging out with my friends in public in my fat suit.
  • I am gonna enjoy shopping for clothes–I will admit I want to blow up things when I shop.

This is the only life I get and I am going to OWN every second of it. I am NOT defined by the size of my body. I know I am NOT a lazy slob–I do not have take in the ugliness of the world when it chooses to slap me. Be warned the Angry Fat Woman just might slap back.

It’s a NEW DAY–time to squat! Hahahaha

Bye now!

5 thoughts on “The Angry Fat Woman Arises

  1. I’ve gained some weight recently and it seems to be so much in love with me that it simply won’t let go (think psycho stalker). I think the older we get, the harder it is to lose weight. It’s our bodies way to protect us from dying too quickly if we develop a debilitating illness. We’ll hang in there much longer if we can’t eat because we have all these reserves, right? It’s called the “Fat Chance” theory. Don’t laugh. It’s a thing. It has to be, right? 😐 Hey, maybe I’ll do a post about this…

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